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Top Travel Essentials

When you're ready to hit the road whether you're traveling by land, air, or sea, there are a few things you want with you that just make life while traveling easier for all geeks. Think of it as an adventure, and this is what you have on your character sheet. Don't wanna be too encumbered, but, at the same time you don't want to leave that 10 ft. pole at home if you're going to need it. (Tip: You're not going to need it. Sorry.)

NDuR Advanced Portable Filtration Bottle

Do your travel plans include the great outdoors? That crystal clear mountain stream may not be as pristine as you think. Filter out micro-organisms, toxins, viruses, and bacteria right out of the bottle; no fancy decontamination kit required. But ThinkGeek, you say, I'm just going to [insert major metropolitan destination here]! I probably won't ever go outside, except to get in a cab! Ever had your hotel room spit out brown water, and then have it clear up a few minutes later? You sure you trust it? Just sayin'.

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Switchback Laptop Sling Pack

We love a good backpack, and the Switchback Laptop Sling Pack made from DuPont 1000D Cordura fits the ticket for carrying your stuff whatever method of travel you choose (okay, maybe not scuba diving). It's padded for protection but nimble enough to easily rotate from back to chest so you can access your gear. The generously padded and ventilated main shoulder strap is also ergonomically cut for hours of comfortable wear per day, and it is covered in modular (MOLLE compatible) webbing to attach pouches for your most-needed items. Plus, if you're outside for a while, you need to stay hydrated and its back pocket fits a bladder up to 100 oz. Since our bladders only hold around 16, that's plenty.

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Titanium Spork

The utensil of the future. No, seriously! We're so convinced of the longevity of this eating tool, we got it immortalized in a Star Trek novel! Ultra lightweight, non reactive, non magnetic, and non corrosive, titanium will last longer than your teeth will. Why bring this with you when traveling? Ever reach into a basket of plastic forks at an airport restaurant? Have you thought about everybody else who had their hand in that basket? How often do you think they clean that basket? Yeah, we thought so.

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PowerPak+ High Capacity Portable Charger

You got a GoPro with you on the go? Handheld GPS? Camera? We know you have a smartphone and probably a tablet or an ereader, which are perfect for passing time while you're at the gate. Keep this PowerPak+ High Capacity Portable Charger with you, and you'll have 13,500mAh Power at your beck and call. With dual 5V output - one at 1 amp and one at 2 amp, it not only lets you charge your phone and a friend's at the same time, it has the juice to charge your tablet and smart phone simultaneously. By the time your flight leaves, you'll have rows 25 and higher fully-charged and singing your praises.

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SeV Sterling Men's Jacket & SeV Tropiformer Jacket

We have a couple of go-to companies for travel wear. We turn to ExOfficio for our sun and insect protection, and SCOTTEVEST for our loadout. The SeV Sterling Men's Jacket has 24 pockets that will fit everything from your room key and boarding pass to your iPad. The ClearTouch fabric even lets you use your smartphone while it's still inside your pocket. In a cotton/nylon blend, it's good for moderate temperatures, but if you're visiting hotter climes, opt instead for the SeV Tropiformer Jacket, which is super-lightweight, water resistant, and can transform into a vest in a snap, literally.

Sterling Men's Jacket Tropiformer Jacket

R2-D2 USB Car Charger

Obviously, this car charger works best if you're traveling by land. This little astromech lives in your vehicle and gives you two USB charging ports. With him plugged into your cigarette lighter socket, you can get 2.1 Amps through each of his USB charging ports, which is enough to charge two tablets or smartphones or, well, pretty much anything that charges via USB. Cheerfully blooping and bleeping, he'll make a happy passenger and brighten even the dreariest travels. That last billboard said it's just 60 more miles to Tosche Station, little guy.

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Pocket Stashes

Everybody's had that situation where what you planned to travel with is not what you end up with. You forget a bag at home. Your luggage gets routed to Disney World, but you're unfortunately in Idaho. Or you get mugged. It happens. And for times when things like that happen while you're on the road, the Pocket Stashes can save your butt. These unbelievably small, waterproof keyring canisters for your necessities can hold 24 hours of medication or a $20 bill. Or choose the FireStash if you're visiting the great outdoors so you can make sure you can still make fire in a pinch. Think of it as purchasing Trip Protection.

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Smart AC Automotive Power Strip

One more for our road warriors. The Smart AC Power Strip lets you power both your smartphone and your laptop from your car, truck, boat, or RV. Plug it into the cigarette lighter socket, and take advantage of its 2 USB power ports or 2 AC outlets. No more "Are we there yet?" from the backseat when you can recharge their distractions on the go. And it's perfect for an RV without enough convenient outlets for the driver.

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Tablanket is a 6 1/2 foot square, fleece picnic blanket and a 2 foot square elevated tabletop that folds up to just 1 foot by 2 feet with a convenient shoulder strap, making it perfect for taking with you almost anywhere. Waiting in line for a movie premiere? Sitting on the lawn for a concert? Queueing up for the next iPhone? And yes, it still works for more traditional activities like dining al fresco, watching a parade, and camping. Don't worry about whether there will be picnic tables or a table big enough to put your room service meal on. Bring your own with you.

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Travel Boy Carry On Luggage

Never worry again about someone else grabbing your suitcase at the baggage claim. Well, we won't say "never." If you're traveling someplace like Gen Con, SDCC, or the JoCo cruise, your mileage may vary. This Travel Boy Carry On Luggage falls within carry-on restrictions for most airlines (plus, it has a 3-digit TSA combination lock), and it'll definitely fit in your trunk. It has four, 360 degree wheels for upright rolling in multiple directions and an aluminum, telescoping handle for durability.

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All Ur Bass Bluetooth Capsule Speaker

Hopefully, you didn't pack your entire sound system for your trip. That could lead to severe back trauma, or at least sizable fees from the airline for overweight baggage. If you still want rich sound and good thumpy bass from your music that's loud enough to make your neighbors in the hotel complain, you'll need an All Ur Bass Bluetooth Capsule Speaker. And you don't have to remember to pack the cables since it's compatible with any Bluetooth-enabled device. Let it play the soundtrack for your vacation.

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