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Ships Log: Stardate 2233.02, Captain Robau reporting. The Kelvin is en route to a large temporal anomaly located at the edge of Klingon space. Sensors have detected a small object which appears to be a time-capsule of sorts. It's contents are puzzling to me, and our exoanthropologist, Ensign Reyes. In fact, Diego informs me the artifacts inside exhibit not only a temporal-shift, but a phase-shift as well, indicating that not only are these items from another time, they're from another universe, entirely.

Star Trek Enterprise Plush

#16: Star Trek Enterprise Plush

The first item appears to be a child's toy modeled after a prototype starship design in the Starfleet databanks. The stitching on the top says "NCC-1701 USS Enterprise" which isn't a ship in yet in service. It is very plush and soft, with an amusing LED flash and photon-torpedo sound effect when squeezed. Certainly, an excellent gift for the children of Starfleet personnel, perhaps. I can't seem to keep our Telarite science officer from playing with it, however.

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Star Trek Tribble Slippers with Sound

#15: Star Trek Tribble Slippers with Sound

It would appear that the Tribble plague has reached as far away as this alternative universe. Fortunately for them, they've found a use for all their excess. Converting them into soft and fuzzy slippers while keeping them cooing and purring has made these eating machines into something genuinely useful instead of merely maddeningly adorable.

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Star Trek Light Up Feeding System

#14: Star Trek Light Up Feeding System

This item appears to be a bib and spoon set designed for humanoid infants. The artwork on the bib shows what appears to be a K-class starbase and a Klingon battlecruiser in a starfield. Tiny light-emitting diodes blink along the stations surface, and the spoon is shaped like that same "USS Enterprise" starship design. My first officer, Mr. Kirk, and his wife are expecting a child any day now - perhaps they may find some use for this, after our exoanthropologists are done with it?

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Star Trek Bath/Beach Towels

#13: Star Trek Bath & Beach Towels

Next in our collection of artifacts are these towels. Unlike normal Starfleet issue towels, these seem to have been specifically designed for beach use; Designed to be set down on sand to make lying on the many beaches of the Federation more comfortable. They seemed to be colored with the department colors - Gold for command, Red for Engineering and Operations, and Blue for Sciences. There are indications that many people used these towels as wall decorations. More research is certainly required.

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Star Trek Original Series Tricorder

#12: Star Trek Original Series Tricorder

Slightly more advanced than our own tricorders, and yet they somehow appear to use an antiquated design. The tiny black and white screen, black textured casing, and datatapes have a certain mid-twentieth century design motif. My communications officer calls it "kitchy." This unit beeps and whirrs like the real thing, and as far as we can tell, no science officer would ever be in a landing party without his trusty tricorder.

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Officially Licensed Star Trek Socks

#11: Officially Licensed Star Trek Socks

Similar to the Towels, these soft cotton socks are emblazoned with the same starship logo and department colors and icons. Each set of socks, however, came with one sock from each department and color set. What does this mean? Did this alternative Starfleet allow for its officers to change departments as needed? It's almost as if Starfleet uniform elements were merely costume-play pieces, letting their owners decide upon their affiliations at will. One day, a stalwart starship commander, the next a plucky chief engineer, and yet another a cantankerous doctor - entirely up to the owner. Fascinating.

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Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock

#10: Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock

This piece of apparel is what my exoanthropologist calls a t-shirt. The pattern emblazoned upon it shows a series of hand signals. Research indicates those signals represent a stone, a piece of paper, a hinged double-blade called scissors, a reptile, and a Vulcan greeting. I'm told that this arrangement represents a game of sorts popularized by one of the entertainment programs of the early 21st century. Records are hazy, but the word 'Bazinga' seems to be associated with this t-shirt, and yet no one can tell me what 'Bazinga' means.

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Star Trek Enterprise Bottle Opener

#9: Star Trek Enterprise Bottle Opener

Yet another strange implementation of that advanced starship design, this one in the form of some kind of hand-lever. According to our records, effervescent beverages were served in bottles, capped with steel discs. Devices like this pry those caps from the bottles occasionally took commemorative shapes. Clearly this "USS Enterprise" has enough history to have memorialized into so many objects. This bottle-opener is certainly a beautiful device - chromed and heavy, it lends an air of quality despite it's relatively mundane use.

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Star Trek Cycle Jersey

#8: Star Trek Cycle Jersey

Bicycles, in widespread on Earth as early as the 19th century, are still in use now, and the same problems arise with their recreational use. Exertion generates heat, and that heat can be damaging to the life-form if there isn't a sufficient mechanism to dissipate that heat. Special fabrics were invented in the 21st century to wick away moisture and keep the bicycle riders cool and comfortable. Our Time Capsule included a jersey with the words "Star Trek" emblazoned on it, along with the "Enterprise." This jersey fits snugly, like our current uniforms, and would undoubtedly make the rider look damn sharp.

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Star Trek Original Series Phaser

#7: Star Trek Original Series Phaser

Another example of past-meets future. This phaser, while more capable than our own standard-issue sidearms, still has a mid-20th century style to it. It's actually two phasers in one - a smaller hand-held device that docks into the larger pistol-grip style, presumably to provide the emitters with more power. They seem to each fire in stun and kill power-levels when the tiny firing stud is depressed. The device is fascinating and devastating at the same time.

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Tea, Earl Grey, Hot - Officially-Licensed Star Trek Tea

#6: "Tea, Earl Grey, Hot" Officially Licensed Star Trek Tea

The vacuum of space, as it happens, makes an excellent preservative, otherwise the delicate flavor, and aroma of this tin of tea-leaves would have been lost in time. What we've found odd, however, is the temporal shift on this box of tea is approximately 80 to 90 years greater than that of many of the other items. It's almost as if this tea belonged to some Next Generation of Starfleet officers. Still, this is especially delicious tea, worthy of a connoisseur of the beverage.

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Star Trek Bathrobes

#5: Star Trek Bathrobes

Warm, soft, and absorbent, these bathrobes would have been given to Starfleet officers as part of their normal duty kits. Like the other apparel, they are color-coded for each department. They would have been worn after bathing, or just lounging around when off-duty. We're not entirely sure, but there's the possibility that discipline may have been more relaxed in whatever time period from which these robes originated.

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Star Trek Uniform Polo Shirts

#4: Star Trek Uniform Polo Shirts

Deep in a dark corner of our records, we have an entry for something called "Casual Friday." As near as we can tell, it was a reward of sorts for workers to dress in more comfortable and less restrictive clothing at the end of the work week. These shirts, soft and comfortable, also retain the department insignia and colors, ostensibly to maintain discipline despite the casual attire. Why they are called "polo" shirts, however, escapes me. I've seen old holotapes of Admiral Archer playing "water polo," but what these shirts have in common with that game, we can't quite decipher

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Star Trek TNG Communicator Pin

#3: Star Trek TNG Communicator Pin

This device is amongst the most puzzling. The temporal shift on this item indicates it originates from roughly the year 2350, plus or minus 10 years. The nanocircuitry embedded within indicates that it acts as a subspace communicator. Unfortunately, we lack the technology to understand how to operate the device, so right now, it's merely an inert, though beautiful piece of costume jewelry. It includes a clever magnetic clasp to attach the "pin" without having to pierce the clothing. I shall have to discuss this with our engineers to see if we can replicate this tech.

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Star Trek The Movie Tunics

#2: Star Trek The Movie Tunics

These tunics look quite familiar. I was privy to some discussions between some higher-level Admirals and the Quartermaster General wherein they were discussing the designs for the next generation duty uniforms. The uniform we found in this Time Capsule is exactly what the Admiralty was working on. Unlike the other uniform elements, where the material was designed for civilian use, this uniform tunic is heads and shoulders above the others in quality, with appropriate rank braiding on the sleeves. Truly remarkable apparel.

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Star Trek Pizza Cutter

#1: Star Trek Pizza Cutter

That same Starfleet ship design seems to not only be applied to the plush toy, this cooking implement borrows from its double-nacelle design as well. Pizza, Ensign Reyes says, is an Earth dish from the 20th century consisting primarily of bread, cheese, and tomato. Due to its size, a rolling disc-shaped blade is used to cut the "pie" into easier-to-consume wedges. Our Time Capsule contains both a silver and a gold version, the latter clearly designed to be a limited-edition, precious to collectors. The question becomes - was the "Enterprise" important enough to be venerated in the form of a cooking implement, or is that some kind of diminutive? We don't know yet.

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