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The Starks were wrong. Winter is not coming. Summer is coming, and with it - vacation. Time to get packing. But what to put inside your Bag of Holding? Choosing your gear is as important - nay, MORE IMPORTANT, than your destination. After all, your lappy, tablet, or portable gaming console doesn't care if it's snowing or sunny.

Han Solo In Carbonite Business Card Case

#15: Han Solo In Carbonite Business Card Case

Jabba knew that first impressions were important. That's why he kept Solo front-and-center in his throne room. Anyone seeing the notorious smuggler helplessly frozen in carbonite knew precisely what kind of Hutt they were dealing with. That's why, when you hand somebody your business card from this case, you'll earn even more respect.

X-Mini Portable Capsule Speakers

#14: X-Mini Portable Capsule Speakers

Hopefully, you didn't pack your entire sound system for your trip. That could lead to severe back trauma, or at least sizable fees from the airline for overweight baggage. If you still want rich sound and good thumpy bass from your music that's loud enough to make your neighbors in the hotel complain, you'll need a set of X-Minis. Shockingly huge sound erupts from patented ceramic drivers, powered by an 8 hour battery that's chargeable by USB. Sweet.

Gerber Dime Multi-Tool

#13: Gerber Dime Multi-Tool

Recent rule changes by the TSA means that small multi-tools are a-okay once again! Small being the operative word, here. That giant leatherman you normally wield will not make it on the plane with you, but his tiny Tyrion-sized brother will do just fine. Folded inside this stainless steel beauty are pliers, wire cutters, a wee blade, scissors, flat-head and Phillips-head drivers, a bottle opener, tweezers, and a file. Trust us - you never know when you'll need it.

10 Foot iPhone Cable

#12: 10 Foot iPhone Cable

Murphy's Law of Power Outlets: There will never be an outlet that is conveniently placed such that you can use your device while charging it. You've seen that guy at the airport; sitting cross-legged on that nasty carpet in the terminal charging his ipad next to the only outlet available. Perhaps your hotel bed night stand is a few inches too far away from the outlet so you can lay your phone down while charging. This cable means no compromises: run your cable up to 10 feet away from the outlet, no problem! Got an iPhone 5 or 4th gen iPad with a Lightning connector? We got you covered there, too!

NDuR Advanced Portable Filtration Bottle

#11: NDuR Advanced Portable Filtration Bottle

Do your travel plans include the great outdoors? That crystal clear mountain stream may not be as pristine as you think. Filter out micro-organisms, toxins, viruses, and bacteria right out of the bottle; no fancy decontamination kit required. But ThinkGeek, you say, I'm just going to [insert major metropolitan destination here]! I probably won't ever go outside, except to get in a cab! Ever had your hotel room spit out brown water, and then have it clear up a few minutes later? You sure you trust it? Just sayin'.

Nerf Jolt Mini Blaster

#10: Nerf Jolt Mini Blaster

ThinkGeek's office is a no-mans land of near-constant Nerf battle. Disc and dart wars have laid to waste entire departments. Just because you're out-of-office doesn't mean you're not a target. Protect yourself with this incredibly accurate, long range, and eminently concealable Nerf pistol capable of nailing your target from over 40 feet away! Let's be safe out there, people.

Pivot Power Mini - Wall Plug/USB Combo

#9: Pivot Power Mini - Wall Plug/USB Combo

When you're traveling, there's always one maxim: There are never enough outlets. This handy gadget was designed specifically for the traveling geek. It turns one power outlet into two, and also includes two USB power ports for charging your pocketable electronics. When you never know when your next top-up is going to come, better have a few options.

over9000 Compact 2.1 Amp USB Car Power Adapter

#8: over9000 Compact 2.1 Amp USB Car Power Adapter

Speaking of power, if you're nowhere near a wall outlet, perhaps in your rental car, you still need juice, and some of those high-powered gadgets need upwards of 3 amps and a special signal from their stupid proprietary charger that costs fifty bucks don't get us started... ANYWAY, our seriously smart engineers developed the over9000 to fake out your gadgets into thinking it's getting power from the real deal. Never EVER be out of power. Never.

Grid-It Ultimate Organizer

#7: Grid-It Ultimate Organizer

By now you're thinking, ThinkGeek - I love all this stuff, but throwing it at the bottom of my Bag of Holding will be quite a mess. Wires tangle, tools get lost... it'll be a disaster! Not so. A little organization goes a long way into making sure you find the gadget you need, just in time. This versatile system of cross-hatched elastics keep your gadgets, wires, and tools snug as the proverbial bug.

#6: Collapsible Shotglass

As the suns set over Tatooine, and the droids are put away, do you think Uncle Owen ended his dreary day by drowning his sorrows in blue milk? Hardly. You can bet your right hand he's doing shots with the other moisture farmers, and he was sure to bring his own shot glass. This one collapses into a neat metal stack so it doesn't take up much room in your Chewbacca Messenger Bag. Take one with you next time you're wandering the wastes, and need a little nip.

DIY Lover's 54 Bit Driver Kit

#5: DIY Lover's 54 Bit Driver Kit

Visiting relatives during your trip? Dollars to donuts, they're going to ask you to fix their computer. No problem - you've come prepared. We've got a handy screwdriver kit full of 54 bits that can open any case - PC desktop, laptop, even a Mac. Even your annoying cousin's Red Ring of Death can't stop you! We've got bits that'll open an XBox, Nintendo, heck we've even got those infamous pentalobe bits so you can repair your uncle's iPhone's smashed screen. Everything comes packed in a small box the size of a paperback book so it won't take up much room in your carry-on.

LEGO Moleskine

#4: LEGO Moleskine

Roaming through the countryside, dharma bum Jack Kerouac scribbled his observations on the road, and if he had one of these instead of his regular notebooks, instead of languishing with dysentery in Mexico, he could have been playing with LEGO. See, this Moleskine's got a LEGO brick built right into the cover, so you can build with words, or with brick. Either way, you've got art.

UZI Tactical Defender Pen

#3: UZI Tactical Defender Pen

And while you're writing in your new notebook, might as well make it the deadliest pen in our arsenal of pens. No, that's not hyperbole. This pen not only writes upside down, in zero g, or underwater, it's also made from sharpened aircraft grade aluminum, which you can wield as a weapon. What's more, if you find yourself deep in trouble, the cap unscrews to reveal a hidden handcuff key. Document, protect, and escape all in one package!

Titanium Spork

#2: Titanium Spork

The utensil of the future. No, seriously! We're so convinced of the longevity of this eating tool, we got it immortalized in a Star Trek novel! Ultra lightweight, non reactive, non magnetic, and non corrosive, titanium will last longer than your teeth will. Why bring this with you when traveling? Ever reach into a basket of plastic forks at an airport restaurant? Have you thought about everybody else who had their hand in that basket? How often do you think they clean that basket? Yeah, I thought so.

iGeek Large Capacity Portable Charger

#1: iGeek Large Capacity Portable Charger

We've got you covered when charging on the road, and charging in your hotel room, but what about when there's just no free power anywhere? This battery's got a deep well of power with enough amps to charge an iPhone from zero to full more than six times. That's more than 60 hours of web browsing! Of course, you're on vacation, so how often will you be doing that? Ha! Who are we kidding, right? Right?!