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Resource riots, nuclear fallout, zombie plague... The triggers for the end of the world are myriad, but the end result is the same. Some will live on, but only by using their wits, skills, and gear. The first two you've got in spades, but your gear bag is a little light. We've collected a bunch of cool stuff that'll help you live on when all around you is in flames. Tools to build your shelter, keep you fed, filter your water safely, stay warm, burn stuff, and most importantly, charge your phone. You laugh, but if J. J. Abrams' Revolution is any indicator, electricity will be the new currency.

NDuR Advanced Portable Filtration Bottle

#13: NDuR Advanced Portable Filtration Bottle

Your priorities for survival are, in order of importance, water, food, shelter, power. Step one: water. Just about any fresh water supply will do, but you'll have to filter out the impurities, microbes, and other nasties to keep from getting eaten away from the inside. The NDuR bottle will filter up to 99.9999% of virii, bacteria, and other contaminants from a stream, lake, rainbucket, or tap.

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Tac Bac - Tactical Canned Bacon

#12: Tac Bac - Tactical Canned Bacon

Next on your priorities list is food. Why not bacon? You'd think canned bacon might seem unpalatable, but trust your favorite hyperintelligent cybermonkeys: this stuff tastes frickin' awesome. Kept sealed in the can, it's bear-resistant, waterproof, and it'll keep for a decade. When your fellow survivors are scrounging scraps for protein, you'll be in BLTs until the radiation subsides.

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Emergency Chili Mac

#11: Emergency Chili Mac

If ten years doesn't sound like enough shelf-life to survive the apocalypse, what if I told you we can keep you fed for a quarter century? You heard right. Our delicious Chili Mac, and I really do mean delicious, has a shelf-life of 25 years! Seriously, we test everything we sell, and we made some of this stuff, and the rich smell of ground beef, spices, and tomato sauce brought all the geeks into the kitchen. Better get stockpiling, 'cause you're about to get really really popular in the wasteland.

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Swedish FireSteel

#10: Swedish FireSteel

Man cannot live on bacon, alone, and most food is more easily digested when cooked. That requires fire. How to start a fire when all the matches are gone? Start with Swedish FireSteel - an amalgam of 7 metals and magnesium. When struck with the included steel edge, it produces a shower of sparks that can light your campfire, stove, or gas BBQ. Protip: dryer lint and dry pine cones work great to start campfires.

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M48 Kommando Tactical Shovel

#9: M48 Kommando Tactical Shovel

Next up, you need shelter. Not only does it protect you from the elements, but it keeps the raiders off your stuff, or the zombies off your flesh! The tactical shovel is portable, will help you dig down for trenches, traps, and toilets, has a serrated edge to cut through rough brush, but can also be wielded as an improptu hand-to-hand weapon for self defense. Never be undefended because you're putting your back into your work.

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Kevlar Survival Cord

#8: Kevlar Survival Cord

When it all falls apart, you'd be surprised how simple and mundane items suddenly become the most important thing in your pack. This, for example, is no mere loop of string. This is woven kevlar, with a breaking strength of over 200 pounds. Use it to bind together logs for a raft or lean-to shelter. Hang food to keep it away from bears. Catch rabbits with simple snares. String it across a length of green branch for a simple hunting bow, or a bow-and-drill firestarter. Incredibly strong and useful stuff!

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Pocket Chainsaw

#7: Pocket Chainsaw

There's no denying a chainsaw with a full tank of gas is, undoubtedly, the finest anti-zombie weapon of them all. After the apocalypse, though, gasoline may be in short supply, so you may want to look elsewhere for weaponry. Still, a chainsaw is massively useful for shelter construction, so an arm-powered option is available. Pull back and forth on the garotte-like handles to work the cutting blades into the toughest branches, and they'll go down quicker than it takes to explain what a boomstick is to a bunch of primitive screwheads. Groovy.

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SOG PowerAssist Multi Tool

#6: SOG PowerAssist Multi Tool

With shovels, cords, and saws taken care of, you'll also need a solid multitool. Compact, with eleven separate tools and functions, this may very well be the last tool you'll ever need. Anodized black so as to not draw undue attention while you work, it also includes a spring-assist on the knife blade. Not only does this prevent wear and tear on your fingertips, it acts as a quick-draw just in case you need a sharp edge with a heartbeat's notice.

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M48 Long handle Tactical Survival Series

#5: M48 Long handle Tactical Survival Series

Sometimes, tools that double as weapons are enough, but sometimes, you need the intimidating factor of a straight-up sharp hunk of steel to make your opponents know you mean business. Choose your weapon: The spear with a wicked eight inches of hardened steel blade, the hammer with a huge studded bashing head and piercing spike on the back, or the battleaxe with its five inch long hacking edge. Each weapon head rests on 37 inches of balanced rubberized steel handle with a comfort grip. Seriously, nobody messes with you when you're carrying these through the wasteland.

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NiteCore P25 Smilodon 860 Lumen Tactical Flashlight

#4: NiteCore P25 "Smilodon" 860 Lumen Tactical Flashlight

The problem with surviving on Earth is how adaptive the predators are. They know that humans are vulnerable at night. Our eyes aren't well suited for the darkness, so they use it to cloak themselves in shadow to get close and strike! This flashlight cuts through the gloom with 860 searing lumens of bright white light. Rechargeable over USB, you'll never need to hunt around for a fresh battery. This thing is a beast, water resistant up to 1.5 meters, made of stainless steel and titanium, and can run continuously for over 300 hours. Oh yeah.

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Sol Sport Solar Charging Kit For Mobile Devices

#3: Sol Sport Solar Charging Kit For Mobile Devices

I know what you're thinking - how are you going to keep that awesome flashlight charged after they stop making batteries, and the nuclear plants have all melted down? Easy: there's a huge fusion power-plant that'll remain in operation for a few billion years, yet. Our own star, Sol, burns 24/7, and its rays are there for the taking, if you've got the silicon. These big solar panels are capable enough to crank out 2.5 to 5 watts with full direct sunlight. Keep your small electronic devices humming even after the last power station's gone dark.

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PowerPot Thermoelectric Generator

#2: PowerPot Thermoelectric Generator

On a cloudy day, what will you do for power? No solar, no problem! Using simple thermoelectric principles, differences in heat and cold cause electrons to flow through the included USB charging cable. Use a wood fire, butane stove, even a hot spring! As long as you feed the pot heat, it'll generate electricity! Foolproof, and no moving parts to wear out. This might be the coolest gadget we've got in our survival pack.

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Switchback Laptop Sling Pack

#1: Switchback Laptop Sling Pack

Speaking of survival packs, in what are you gonna carry all this stuff? We've got the daddy of all survival bags, the Switchback, works great as a tactical laptop bag until the lights go out. After it's all gone south, its huge volume, tough ballistic nylon exterior, and MOLLE webbing makes it the perfect body-mounted gearvault. The designers of the bag made it so the wearer can quickly switch it from back to front to reach your gear when a matter of seconds means life or death. Fill this bad boy with all the gear listed above, and you've increased your survivability from days to potentially years. Stay frosty.

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