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TG Move Status


  • 8/27/09 1:45am All servers and services that are currently up: Mail, development environments, drive shares, rsync, pingtone, wifi, vpn, almost everything you can think of. Things that still need to be done: connecting peoples office hard wires to the matrix (if particular people need their offices done first, please email bofh), making a final pass at the old office to get remaining wiring, cameras, various other IT gear, sleep
  • 8/26/09 11:55pm - Mail is up, both suites have wifi, and other servers are coming up. Thursday will be setting up remaining servers, and getting individual network drops hooked up.
  • 8/26/09 9:30pm - YAY Mail is up!!
  • 8/26/09 8:00pm - Network down, mail down. Servers packed up and probably already at the new place being re-racked. On schedule as far as we know.
  • 8/26/09 1:30pm - Everything on schedule! Check this page for updates.


Posted: 8/26/09 1:00pm

This is a notice from your friendly neighborhood BOFHs describing the ways in which we will inconvenience you over the next couple of weeks:

Wed Aug. 26 @5:00 PM:

  • All networking, drive shares, development environments and servers will be powered down at the old office.
  • Please turn off your computer and pack up all the cables and peripherals in the provided bags except for your ethernet cables, which should go in the boxes provided
  • rsync to production will be down
  • Email will be inaccessible, though it will continue to collect in Chicago (cēterīs paribus.)
  • Production, including the admin back end and cerberus will be up and running throughout the move
  • Kirby will be available to the Designerds for changes to production bypassing rsync

Thur Aug. 27 @5:00 PM:

  • Best case scenario, email could be back online but probably not much else

Fri Aug. 28 @12:00 PM:

  • Hopefully development environments and rsync infrastructure will be back online

Mon Aug. 31 @12:00 PM:

  • Network connectivity should be working for areas that have been built out (so except for cubes) at 11216 Waples Mill
  • Drive shares should be available
  • If all hell breaks loose and email is not online at this point, we'll be executing backup plan Beta5, aka Fetchmail from a server in Willie's basement (stay tuned for details)

As a reminder Michelle will send updates via the personal email list she collected and this page will continue to be updated as conditions warrant.

Please send questions or concerns to bofh@thinkgeek.com (while you still can) or if you have any issues during the move, you can reach Dave at david.romero@gmail.com and I'll make it right, or give you a cookie.