We are experiencing issues that prevent checkout in Internet Explorer 8.

You can browse and even save your cart, but you'll need to use another browser or a different device to place your order. Sorry for the inconvenience.



We'd be pleased to have you as a beta test monkey, but you have to understand all the following stuff. Please read all these boring things carefully before you hit the button below. That way you won't get any bad surprises (only good ones).

  • Remember that although you're testing, all the orders you place through WarpSpeed are real orders! Please don't order things you don't really want just to be testing.
  • Once we set your account to be a beta tester, all your new orders will go through our new WarpSpeed checkout. You won't really have any way to place orders using the old checkout (but see below for a way to cheat that). So if you do run into a problem, you may not be able to complete your order until we can fix it.
  • If you have any existing incomplete orders, you won't be able to finish them off in WarpSpeed. Once an order is started, it has to finish with the style of checkout it started with. The only way around this would be to bring up your order, go back to your cart, and delete all the items in it (don't forget to hit the update cart button!), then re-add the items. That starts the whole process over so you get a fresh new order.
  • You have to have Javascript turned on in your browser for WarpSpeed to work. If you don't have JS, you get the old checkout instead (so this is actually a way to sort of cheat the rule that all your new orders get WarpSpeed). You do not have to have popups enabled in your browser; we hate those annoying things as much as you do, so WarpSpeed doesn't use them.
  • If you have any problems with WarpSpeed, please don't call our lovely Customer Service folks. Instead, send an email to the WarpSpeed developers and we'll handle it just as soon as we can.
  • New features in WarpSpeed, besides the fact that it's just plain cooler, include remembering your information (including any promo codes or gift certificates) if you leave checkout and come back, easier handling of addresses and gift messages, and, at long last, the option to pay with PayPal. If any of those things apply to you (obviously you can't try using a gift certificate if you don't have one, and you can't try out PayPal if you don't have a PayPal account), please give them a workout.
  • You don't actually qualify for the gift certificate until you finish our lovely survey and tell us how you liked WarpSpeed. Once we get your survey response, we will automatically forward you a shiny new gift certificate ID.

If all that sounds good to you, just hit the button below to start your new career as a ThinkGeek beta tester!