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The Only OS You'll Ever Need

WheatoniX, The Next Generation OS, was developed entirely by Wil Wheaton in his spare time (when he wasn't working on his website or pursuing his acting career).

"WheatoniX Is Quite Possibly The Most Advanced And Revolutionary Operating System The World Will Ever See. Quite Possibly." -

--Donald Knuthe, 2002

A recursive acronym for WheatoniX Has Everything A Techie Obviously Needs Including letter X, this OS will change the way you wake up in the morning and change the way you sleep at night. Total cross compatibility with all existing Operating Systems, and an incredibly intuitive and advanced User Interface are just a few of the obvious needs you have and WheatoniX fulfills. No matter if you are the hardest core programmer who dreams in binary or if you are the least clueful user in the known universe, WheatoniX will rock your world.

A few of the features Of The WheatoniX OS include:


  • fully preemptive, multi-threading, multi-tasking, ultra low latency microkernel architecture
  • supports 32 and 64 and 128 bit processors
  • New InstaBoot® technology shortens OS loading to 3-5 seconds, and no rebooting necessary even for kernel replacements or upgrades.
  • integrated node clustering (theoretical limit of 2^32-1 nodes per cluster)
  • supports x86 (PIII, P4, Athlon, Athlon MP, Athlon XP), Hammer, Itanium, Crusoe, Alpha, MIPS, SPARC, StrongARM, G4, G5 and more
  • natively supports 4GB of memory on 32 bit systems and 64TB of memory on 64 bit systems


  • Fully journalled, versioning, object-relational filesystem -- can be used like legacy "directory based" file systems, queried like a database (using standard SQL99 statements) or browsed using the included graphical data management software
  • Partitions up to 256TB natively supported
  • Customize any aspect of the filesystem in minutes using Digdug®, our integrated filesystem creation and management language.


  • POSIX compatibility layer (virtually all UN*X programs will compile with no changes)
  • cross-processor binary compatibility (programs compiled for any processor instruction set supported by the kernel can be run on any of the other processors supported by the kernel with only a moderate performance reduction -- 64 bit applications will not run on 32 bit processors)
  • Microsoft Windows(tm) compatibility layer allows virtually all programs written for Windows 3.1 through XP to run with only a small performance reduction
  • X Protocol compatibility layer (up to X11R6.5) to take advantage of all existing X applications

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