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Megan Morrone DLotD Doll

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Useful productivity enhancer, or new best friend? You decide!

Everybody knows the problem - you go about your day slaving away at school or work and you never seem to find the time to download all those nifty new freeware and shareware programs out there. It's not like you've got the time to scour through Tucows and Download.com for a new piece of software every day! But you have to have your fix! What to do??

Fear not, for we are here to save the day and inject a few Megabytes of joy into your daily lives! The Megan Morrone Download of the Day Internet Appliance/Doll (MMDotDIA/D for short) will be your new best friend and daily downloader! Megan Morrone is the web producer and resident geek goddess of the wildly popular show The Screen Savers on TechTV. In response to your overwhelming demand for downloads, Megan and the R&D group at ThinkGeek Labs worked closeley together to bring you this amazing technological product.

Here's how it works. Every day, the MMDotDIA/D will search the netherregions of the Internet for a new and exciting download. It can be a random pick or a piece of software customized just for you - just fill out the easy 27 page questionnaire and the MMDotDIA/D will learn your preferences and download just the right game, productivity enhancement, or timewaster that's perfect for you.

After the MMDotDIA/D downloads your sofware, just press the button on her chest, and the MMDotDIA/D will explain the features and benefits of your daily downloads along with jokes, tips on killing popup ads, and soliloquies on the virtues of Macs. (Although not recommended, you can switch a jumper setting to alter the MMDotDIA/D's OS preference for Windows, Unix, Linux, BeOS, BSD, WheatoniX, and many others.) The MMDotDIA/D also includes a USB hotsync cradle to sync your new downloads to other computers!

Click below to hear some samples of one of the thousands of phrases built into the MMDotDIA/D!

For a complete list of features, buy it and read the manual!

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