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Wanna Be More Popular? Smarter? Better Looking?

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Wanna Be More Popular? Smarter? Better Looking?

We really can't help you there (other than to suggest you floss regularly and stray from harmful inhalants.) But what we can do is let you purchase the DNA of your favorite celebrity (geek or otherwise) and hope that at some point in the future you can put that DNA to good use! Imagine some of the future possibilities, like: Celebrity-Milkshakes(tm), Celebrity-Pets(tm) and even Celebrity-In-A-Mylar-Bag-Boardgame(tm)! And many more not yet invented possible uses for your celebrity DNA! An amazing investment made even more amazing by how science-like this product really is!

ThinkGeek has instilled a rigid protocol for determining elegibility into our celebrity DNA program. Such things as 'history of shingles' and 'dollars spent on first person shooters' are weighed to some extent. Other things might matter too. It really just depends on the degree of 'celebrityness' present and the extent to which that degree can be monetized successfully by ThinkGeek and it's agents. Bottom line is we do what's best for you.

How are the DNA samples collected? Mostly by implicit permission using a calculated combination of stealth blood and hair sampling techniques. Have more questions? Take a look at some of the specs and get your celebrity DNA today!

  • Your celebrity DNA will have been isolated from either whole blood, buffy coat or cultured cells!
  • Your lyophilized celebrity DNA sample will arrive in an airtight vial sealed in a mylar envelope!
  • 42 g DNA present in every sample guaranteed or we'll send you free DNA from our 'Assorted Dead Presidents' pool!
  • New celebrities added weekly! Check back for the Post-Academy-Award Sales!
HAHA! April Fools!