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"He's No Good To Me Dead"

To some he is the young Jaster Mereel of Concord Dawn, an imposing figure just shy of six feet clad in the armor of the Mandalorians. To others he is the calculating and mysterious soldier of fortune with a jet pack, wrist gauntlets, and braided Wookie scalps draped across his shoulder.

Either way, and no matter what your intentions might be, it's a good thing to never have crossed his path.

This actual and *original* Boba Fett helmet we are selling here @ ThinkGeek includes a macrobinocular viewplate, infrared extensions, motion and sound sensors, an internal com link to Slave 1, external targeting rangefinder, environmental filtering subsystem, and a broadband antenna for intercepting and decoding enemy and friendly transmissions.

How did ThinkGeek acquire this fine helmet and what has become of Boba Fett? Alas, we too are graced by the company of our own galactic mercenary. He got lucky and we got the helmet. Little else is known and we are wary enough to not ask too many questions. And since it is far too dangerous for us to maintain the helmet in our possession, we are offering it up to you in hopes that you might keep it safe until somebody, someday, somehow decides to seek out what was once theirs...

Notes: Slave 1 not included in price of helmet. ThinkGeek reserves the right to collect payment from everybody who attempts to purchase this helmet yet also reserves the right to only ship it to the person who lives farthest away from the ThinkGeek offices. You may purchase it multiple times to increase the chances that we may actually send it to you. Arrives in a lead box with a stamp of approval from a Hutt. Batteries sold seperately.

Price: $32,999.99
Availability: In Stock (Only One!) [ Info ]