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The ThinkGeek WiiHelm
Does playing with your Wii make you tired? All that jumping about and exercise is just not good for your body. Turn gaming back into the sedentary sport it should be with the WiiHelm. Just snap your Wiimote into the WiiHelm. Your head now controls your movements, your feet controls the buttons (with the included foot pedals), and your hands are free to hold your drink and chips.      [ more... ]

SnūzNLūz - Wifi Donation Alarm Clock
For years the masses have told you that if you snooze you lose. You never believed them. You held your head high and slept in whenever you wanted to, always without fear of loss. Well, dear friends, the times have changed. The ingenius sages at ThinkGeek Labs(TM) have finally created the Ultimate weapon aginst snoozing - the SnūzNLūz(TM). People who enjoy sleeping in are cowering in fear all across the globe - it's finally true, when you snooze, you lose!      [ more... ]

Piranhaz - R/C Battle Fish
Shooting fish with lasers is a fun hobby, but there's not much sport to it. So, we armed some fishies with lasers of their own. Then, we made them remote control. Then, we dumped them in our fish tank and waged some fishy war. Then, we made plastic versions and celebrated our new product with a fish feast. Fish cooked with lasers are yummy, so are these R/C Battle Fish.      [ more... ]

The Lonely Guy Dream Vacation Digital Photo Frame
If you have neither the time nor the inclination to make friends and take vacations yourself, let our new photo frame do the work for you! The onboard processor digitally mattes yourself into fun situations, and with the people you dream about. Display the frame prominently to ward away awkward explanations of your nonexistent weekend plans!      [ more... ]
The ThinkGeek 8-bit Tie
In the beginning, Mario's clothing wasn't as smooth as it appears today. It was jagged and blocky and perfectly 8-bit. Everything about Mario's clothing was 8-bit: his shoes, his hat, his underwear, his formal attire, everything. And it was beautiful. In celebration of our gaming history (and our beloved childhood), we created the 8-Bit Tie. It is blocky and silk and a clip on (so you can dress up at a moment's notice) and Princess Peach thinks it's sexy.      [ more... ]

The Most Amazing Clever Shirt Ever
If you were one of the quick ones, you might have been lucky enough to get this insanely clever shirt for free on April Fool's Day. But like all good things (and like the best of clever shirts), this amazing deal had to come to an end and is no more. We're all out of freebies, and you're all out of luck. So sorry about that, folks. But don't despair, we have plenty of other cool stuff to make your dreams of clever apparel come true.      [ more... ]

SurgeStix - Inhalable Caffeine Stix
We at ThinkGeek have made it our mission to get caffeine into your system in as many ways as are available: eating, drinking, absorption. There is one final way to get caffeine into your body: breathing! You can see why we were so excited when we saw SurgeStix at a trade show in Canada. Though they look like cigarettes, you don't light these Stix. You crack them like glow sticks (to get the caffeine solution flowing) and then take deep drags. Each breath will suck in about 18mg of caffeine, each Stix has about 10 "hits," so you are looking at 180mg of caffeine going straight into your lungs and surging into your bloodstream.      [ more... ]

Vilcus Plug Dactyloadapter
The Vilcus Plug Dactyloadapter allows anyone to quickly and easily test the working condition of any wall socket. Simply insert the Vilcus into the socket in question... insert two fingers and the use becomes apparent instantly. Experience the rejuvenating effects of high-voltage electricity for yourself.      [ more... ]
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