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RC Gastron® Hunger Eliminator
Forget the ludicrous trends of lo-carb diets, fat burning pills and dangerous cosmetic surgeries. Instead think of what really makes you lump up the pounds. Feeling hungry! The Gastron(tm) will help! Simply swallow the smallish indigestible inflatable base station, turn on the remote control and you can instantly go from 'i need a chocolate cake' to 'i just ate a horse' in seconds without the calories OR the guilt!      [ more... ]

PC Ez-Bake Oven
Long gone are the days when you need to leave your desk to get that poptart into the toaster or that hot pocket into the microwave. Just connect your PC EZ-Bake Oven into an available 5 1/4" bay, plug in the included molex connector for power, turn it on, and use your handy dandy plastic spatula to insert whatever flat foods you desire for desk-side baking! Includes many cube friendly tips and baking tricks, like 'Creating A Tasty Ketchup Packet Reduction Sauce', 'Using Keyboard Crumbs For Fantastic Mini Tarts', and much more!      [ more... ]

CaffeDerm® Patch
Spend too much of your life in the cube farm drinking coffee for breakfast and then again for lunch and dinner? Feel restless, nervous, anxious & all around flummoxed? Can't seem to get your hands still enough to type an error free email? Then you need a doctor. But if you just want to get off the caffeine bandwagon, we've got the perfect solution, the CaffeDerm patch! Simply apply to upper arm in the morning and it will release a steady dose of caffeine throughout the day!      [ more... ]
PC HabiCase®
Here at ThinkGeek we've realized that with the prevalence of home computers - and more recently, the Internet - folks are frequently forgetting to tend to their little furry friends. Now you can spend the rest of your life with your gerbil or hamster using our PC HabiCase! A maze of interconnected tunnels weaves in and out of your PC allowing your tiny compadre to remember how much you used to care...      [ more... ]

The Magic Supersecret Binary Shirt
Now immortalized in the annals of ThinkGeekdom, our Supersecret Magic Binary Shirt was free for the taking on April Fools' Day, 2004. But like all good things, free magic binary shirts must retire to greener pastures. So what's on the shirt? Um, not too much, just a message written in binary. Trust us! It probably says something like 'I Am So Smart' or 'Not Killed By A Bunny' or something like that.      [ more... ]

Pet Computer Viruses - Starter Collection
Computer Viruses are just as important a part of our computer history and our technological evolution as the piece of software that you are using to view this sentence. And like their biological counterpart, they can be just as interesting to classify, study and inspect. ThinkGeek has assembled some of the more notorious Viruses from the nineties up through present day and placed them all on a linux embedded device housed in an attractive four inch square piano black casing!      [ more... ]
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