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WheatoniX OS WheatoniX OS

WheatoniX is The Next Generation OS available NOW. Designed by the brilliant Wil Wheaton, this Operating System will revolutionize how you think both inside and outside the box. Does everything you want a computer to do and then some.

Boba Fett's Original Helmet
Boba Fett's Original Helmet

*waves hands slowly across your face*...this isn't the helmet you're looking for. Ok, it probably is. It is, after all, THE original Boba Fett helmet. We respect the mercenary a little too much to keep it in our own possession, so we want you to buy it!

Megan Morrone Download of the Day Internet Appliance/Doll
Megan Morrone Download of the Day Internet Appliance/Doll

Don't waste time downloading more time wasting apps! Have Megan do it for you! Our Megan Morrone Download of the Day Internet Appliance/Doll is an amazing productivity enhancer and a cute fashion doll with bendable appendages!

HyperGlow Caffeinated Beer HyperGlow Caffeinated Beer

The two favorite words at the ThinkGeek R/D Labs have always been caffeine and beer. Why we didn't put those together sooner is something nobody can understand. To make up for the time it took us to create this miracle product, we decided to also make it glow in the dark...

Duke Nuken Forever
Duke Nuken Forever

Gamer fans across the world rejoice! Duke Nuken Forever has finally been released and we've got it in stock to ship far sooner than forever. So grab a case of Hyperglow beer, pop the CD in, and take an FPS road trip back to the twentieth century...

Desktop Zero-Point Infinite Power Generator
Desktop Zero-Point Infinite Power Generator

Who needs the hassle of paying power bills and running extension cords? We've got the solution with our Desktop Zero-Point Infinite Power Generator! Just sit it on your desk, plug in your PC, appliance, Segway, or other power-sucking device and you're off and running!

WTF - Are - You - Doing - Reading - This - Silly - Line - For? - You - Must - Be - Drunk