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caffeinated meatloaf! Caffeinated Meatloaf!
Who says you have to down Red Bull and Jolt all night to stay awake for that project or exam? Our new caffeinated meatloaf is your ticket to a meaty rush of energy, the likes of which you have never experienced! Made with the freshest ingredients, our caffeinated meatloaf is yummy, stimulating meat!

black boxes
Set Of Black Boxes!
While on a fishing trip in the Himalayas, we happened upon a clan of Monks who, through unknown technologies, created the ultimate 'black box'. ThinkGeek obtained an exclusive license with these very secretive monks to custom produce these perfectly cubed black wonders. Actually it's a barter deal, they give us unlimited black boxes and we give them a lifetime supply of our freshly patented caffeinated meatloaf.

Mir Space Station Parts! MIR Space Station Remnants! A portion of our night sky has recently fallen and ThinkGeek (being the sagacious capitalists we are) decided to pick up the pieces, bottle them up, and sell them to you, the loyal consumer. Be the first kid on your block to hold an actual piece of the MIR space station in your hand (fire retardant gloves optional).

atari 2600 AtariTM 2600 System!
The AtariTM 2600 console gaming system brings a whole new spin to the phrase, "i'm having so much fun moving these pixels around and getting points!". We are so excited about this system, we've decided to bundle it with the ever popular 'Code Breaker' Game. Check out our Atari 2600 For More information on the massive capabilities and earth shattering realities of the Atari legacy.

value america shirt Value America Golf Shirt!
"The World's Best Store", or so proclaims this collector's edition Value America Golf Shirt. Constructed of the finest materials so you can enjoy wearing it well into the new millennium while you shop at ThinkGeek. As a bonus, this shirt will repel Venture Capitalists at a single glance!

the cisco 21
The Cisco 1000
You don't know what you're missing if you don't have the Cisco 1000. More than a mere house pet, the Cisco 1000 is the latest model of bionic dog, designed to be the ultimate office companion. Comes pre-installed with morale building, security, and shedding modules plus more, the Cisco 1000 will be the last bionic dog you ever buy!

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