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In Safety and Comedy We Trust

Let's face it - the world is not a safe place. But following the lead of Batman, a geek's best defense is often a gadget. And in this case, it's a gadget with one heck of a bite. The ZapCam - YouTube Tazer packs a non-lethal 60,000V bite, to be exact. It shoots its barbed tipped darts out up to 15 feet on insulated wires (so only your attacker gets the juice). And for added safety, the integrated camera (activated the moment you disengage the safety mechanism) will record a full color video of the entire incident and upload it (via Bluetooth 2.0 with your cellphone) straight to YouTube. This insures you have video evidence (with a time/date stamp) of your encounter stored in a secondary location which can be used in court.

Ok, who are we kidding. Yes, you get the safety of 60,000V, and yes, you get the peace of mind that you will have enough evidence to prove you acted in self defense (even if the attacker somehow manages to get the ZapCam away from you). But what you also get is one funny YouTube video of a perpetrator being juiced and writhing on the ground. The comedic value of that is priceless. With the LCD display on the ZapCam itself, you can watch the video of Mr. Mugger twitching over and over and over again. And the world can share in your joy (and your attacker's pain) as they laugh and leave comments on your YouTube video such as: "Shockingly funny video" and "Why isn't he getting up?" and "Yur stupd an I cant tipe."

ZapCam - YouTube Tazer In Action

ZapCam - YouTube Tazer

  • Features:
    • Video: 320 x 240, 30 fps, MPEG-4 (10 mins. recorded on internal memory - factory upgradeable)
    • Display: 480 x 234 LCD (full color)
    • Output Charge: 60,000V complex pulse
    • Rechargeable 1500 mAh lithium ion battery
    • 6 LED charge indicator
    • 15 foot range
    • Integrated safety mechanism
    • Bluetooth 2.0
  • Includes: ZapCam, 1 Tazer Cartridge, AC Adaptor, Instruction Manual, Sticker Sheet
  • Order form included for replacement cartridges
  • Please check local laws before purchasing.
HAHA! April Fools!