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Silicone ice mold creates real working ice daggers

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Never Get Caught

Being an assassin isn't as easy a job as it seems in video games. One wrong move and you'll find yourself arrested, dead, or worse. Because of the advancements in forensic science, most assassins are caught after the fact by evidence left on the murder weapon. The obvious solution to this is not to leave a murder weapon for anyone to find - to literally make the weapon disappear. Thus we present to you the The Ultimate Assassin's Weapon.

Now you'll have an assassin's weapon - a glistening dagger - made out of frozen water. Think about it: it will melt by the body heat of the person you "introduce" to it and since the human body is approx. 60 percent water anyways, no one will notice a little more. We recommend using the most generic, store-brand water from the largest food store chain near your home - harder to trace back to your tap that way.

Oh, and of course this is all just a joke: you really shouldn't use the The Ultimate Assassin's Weapon to stab anyone. Use it as a unique way to chill drinks for your guests at your next party. And when they ask why you have one giant ice cube shaped like a deadly dagger, just smile and say, "If I told you . . . I'd have to kill you."

Important Note
ThinkGeek is not responsible for your use of the Ultimate Assassin Weapon Ice Mold. Our lawyers tell us we do not condone murder or assassination of any kind. Any damages to persons or property caused by the Ultimate Assassin Weapon Ice Mold are solely the responsibility of the purchaser. You agree to hold ThinkGeek, Inc. harmless in the case of accidental death or decapitation.

Product Features

  • Silicone ice mold creates real working ice daggers
  • Leaves no evidence (besides water)
  • Daggers may be sharpened, but only hold an edge in sub-freezing temperatures
  • Constructed from food grade silicone
  • Makes one full size dagger per mold
  • Finished ice dagger is 16" in length

HAHA! April Fools!