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For The Serious Aircraft Enthusiast

Bored using your advanced green laser for traditional spreadsheet pointing techniques? Why not kick up your skills a notch and start using green lasers to track aircraft? With beams visible in daylight that extend for miles, green lasers are ideally suited to track objects in the sky. Stop worrying about things like mandatory jail time and social isolation and play the intriguing game of SkyTag™ today.

Simply connect your SkyTag™ via the included USB 2.0 cable into your computer and install the software. Your SkyTag™ comes equipped with a GPS unit in the base so it will immediately identify its own location. The SkyTag™ software will then, via the use of several available online tracking services, begin to search for aircraft approaching your coordinates that are at the appropriate altitude for your green laser. When you find the aircraft you would like to SkyTag™, simply select it. Then quickly look outside to make sure no black helicopters are approaching. If they are, quickly hide your SkyTag™ and proceed to watch TV or something. If all is clear, then proceed...

All the flight path data should now be downloaded into your portable SkyTag™ unit. Just unplug the USB cable, and hurry on outside where you should set your SkyTag™ device on a flat surface that has a good view of the visible horizons. Then just let SkyTag™ re-orient using the included motorized, rotating base until it successfully tracks (and tags) your selected aircraft. A successful tag is indicated by the onboard LCD display and by a high-pitched ringtone. Congratulations! Successful back-to-back tags might even earn you a complimentary visit from your local FBI office!

Features and Specifications:

  • Powerful 12mw green laser pointer included. Beam visible to the naked eye up to 22 miles even in daylight conditions!
  • Motorized base orients your laser anywhere in the visible sky according to coordinates you set up using included software.
  • GPS mounted internally in base, configurable through included software via USB 2.0 cable (included).
  • Included software allows you to configure your SkyTag's™ GPS unit as well as to set up aircraft to play SkyTag™ with.
  • Software requirements: Linux (kernel version 2.4 and greater), or Windows XP/2000 or Plan 9.
  • Arrives with a voucher you can redeem to get 5% off your first fine of $25,000 or greater!
  • Dimensions: 6" high, 4" wide
  • Ships from the Netherlands

NOTE: Is this product legal? If you are concerned about the legality of this product, represent a government agency, or are just a curious clicker, CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO!

Price: $149.99
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