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Curb your cravings and get a buzz at the same time.

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Puff Away to Keep Sleep at Bay!

Tobacco has always been an important part of human civilization, and the smoking of tobacco (let's stick to legal "herbs") has helped unite mankind. Then the movies came and smoking was cool; then the cancer came and smoking was uncool. Well, it's time to make smoking cool again - by waking your tired butt up. "What?" you ask confused. We reply, quite simply, SurgeStix! SurgeStix are created to look like cigarettes (and take the place of cigarettes), but that's where the similarities end. For now.

You don't actually light SurgeStix, that's too 1990, instead you bend them (like a glow stick) until you hear a snap. This will send the caffeine solution flowing into the filter-looking end. Wait five seconds for the "filter" to absorb the solution. You will notice a slight temperature increase as the solution reacts with the harmless chemicals in the "filter" which causes the caffeine to vaporize. Then, take a drag. Each "puff" will suck roughly 18mg of caffeine into your lungs (and right into your bloodstream!) With about 10 "tokes" per SurgeStix, you'll get 180mg of caffeine in just a few breaths. That's more caffeine than a really strong cup of coffee just by breathing. Ouch.

SurgeStix are only slightly habit forming and do not contain Nicotine. Sort of. But they are cool. And, in the end, that's the only thing that matters. Being cool, right? Especially when you use Surge Stix Mint Madness from ThinkGeek. That's totally Cool. All your friends love Surge Stix, everybody knows they are cool. and they are laughing at you for not buying some. Come on. Try them. We won't tell anybody. And we guarantee you won't succeed in life without them.

HAHA! April Fools!