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10" chef's knife screams in the voices of your favorite foods

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Redrum in the nehctik

This knife's a screamer

This premium Chef's knife minces, slices, chops, cuts, and even can be used for disjointing cuts of beef. For you knife nerds, we'd also like to mention that the blade comes with differential sharpening. While the knife nerds have a geekgasm, we'll let you non-knife nerds know that means that the tip is super sharp for fine mincing, the mid-section is moderately sharp for everyday cutting, and the heel of the blade has a thick edge for more heavy-duty jobs.

But seriously, that's not even the best part. Push the button at top of the handle to select the object you'll be cutting and when you slice through it, you'll hear an appropriate (and distressing) sound effect. Never forget your steak comes from Bessie the Cow again! MOOOOO! MOOOOOOO! Let the screams of terrified poultry ring out in your kitchen while you prep your teriyaki stir fry. The knife even cries for you when you cut onions and plays a victory jingle e when you slice into birthday cake. You can even record your own custom sounds for special occasions. Cutting the wedding cake? A man screams. The possibilities are only limited by the limitations of what's possible. It's that simple.

Product Specifications

  • Chef's knife makes sound effects when you use it to cut things
  • Vegetarians: Use it to convince your meat-eating friends to change their ways!
  • A sampling of the more than 50 included sound effects (Chicken, Pig, Cow, Duck, Onion, Tofu, Broccoli, Birthday, Bris, Custom (record your own)
  • Push button to select different modes
  • Embedded speaker in handle
  • 10" stainless steel blade with red handle
  • Most of this isn't real

Screaming Chef's Knife Video:

HAHA! April Fools!