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Great big balls and rods for great big fun!

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Great Big Balls and Rods

Here at ThinkGeek Labs™, we're always searching for something better and something bigger. MegaMags™ are the lifesize version of our popular desktop magnetic ball and rod construction sets. Can anything be better and bigger than MegaMags™? Well, naturally a giant robotic monkey would be better (and, theoretically, bigger), but our prototype monkey still has some issues we need to iron out (like figuring out how to make it climb trees without constantly destroying them). MegaMags™, however, are available now and mostly safe!

Our MegaMag™ starter set has all you need to build a free standing structure. The included instruction manual shows how to build such basic structures as: the cube, the pyramid, and the house. Please note, while MegaMags™ are relatively lightweight, tall structures might require a small crane for proper placement. So, buy two sets, and build a crane with the first set. Please note, building the crane might require an additional crane. You'll just need to figure that part out on your own though.

    Each MegaMag™ starter set includes:
  • 20 metal balls (approx. 15” in diameter)
  • 30 long rods (6' long)
  • 25 short rods (3' long)
  • Instruction manual
  • Detailed list of area hospitals specializing in traumatic injuries

Warnings: Due to the high magnetic field generated by MegaMags™, please consult with your local zoning board before erecting any MegaMag structure. Not suitable for those under the age of 25. May interfere with electrical devices such as pacemakers, automobiles, and electrical power grids. The wearing of metal body jewelry and the nearby juggling of knives and spoons should be avoided while building, playing with, or playing near your MegaMag™ structure.

Ships on four pallets; additional freight charges will certainly apply. If you want cheaper shipping, we are afraid you'll just have to wait until next year when we launch NanoMags™!

HAHA! April Fools!