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Gooey cheese powered by USB. What could be better?

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The Fondue That's Fun Too!

Tired of the lunchtime greasy McBurger with pickle routine? Looking to expand your culinary sophistication without leaving your cube? Look no further than the Fundue™ - the World's first desktop USB fondue set. With features like an LCD display, blue LED glowing heater element and fireglow USB cables you'll be the MacDaddiest, most svelte lemming in the office come lunchtime.

Sure, you'll be sucking precious energy from your computer's power supply that your motherboard might need, but who cares when you are also sucking on a piece of crusty french bread drenched in a nutty Gruyere!

Due to current limitations in the USB specification for power consumption, your Fundue should only be used to melt cheeses and chocolates. However, when the new USB 3.0 specification hits the industry (which will allow USB devices to consume much more power), your Fundue will be ready for advanced fondue techniques such as oil dipping and desktop frying!

Features and Specs of your Fundue include:

  • 1 Fundue™ pot with blue LED regulated heating element
  • 1 Fundue™ base, with Oil-Guard™ technology, LCD screen and control panel
  • 1 Blue FireGlow USB device Cable
  • 6 Fundue™ Forks with included monitor attachments
  • Auto-power off mode for decreased loss of life risk
  • LCD screen displays current temperature.
  • Included CD Software allows you to use your Fundue™ LCD screen to optionally scroll MP3 ID3 tags when you listen to music at your computer.
  • Recipe booklet

Recipe For The Ultimate Desktop Fondue
by ThinkGeek

  • 2 Packets of Chinese Soy Sauce
  • 1 Packet of Ketchup
  • 1 Packet of McDonalds BBQ Sauce
  • 1 half and half packet
  • 4 Slices Of Kraft American Cheese

Plug your Desktop Fundue™ into your computer, heat for 10 minutes, then dip in! ThinkGeek recommends leftover Pizza Crust from last weeks meeting as the ultimate dipper. But it's also a great base for dipping Hot Pocket morsels and leftover steamed dumplings as well. And for the truly adventurous, let your Pop Tarts swim in this fondue and enjoy a bit of sweet and savory bliss at your desktop! Five stars!

HAHA! April Fools!