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Captain Marvel Universal Pager

Retro tech for the modern hero

  • The one thing every 90’s kid wanted, but didn't need
  • Pagers are the best…
  • … paperweights




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Retro tech for the modern hero

Pagers. Every cool 90’s kid had them, but what exactly were they for? Seriously. It's not like people in the 90’s were constantly waiting for a page so they could quickly fax someone an important document printed out on a dot-matrix printer from a file on a floppy disk. All while rewinding a VHS, waiting for a dial-up modem to connect, and flipping a cassette in a Walkman. Any of these words resonate with you?

Pagers are confusing and not even the people who had them know why they were necessary… but they totally were. You just have to take our word for it. Or at least take Captain Marvel's word for it. Because sometimes when you need a hero, the easiest way to get in touch is to page them.

This Captain Marvel Universal Pager might not be intergalactic, but it works as long as it's close to your phone. Powered by Bluetooth®, this pager will clip right on your pocket, belt loop, or high-waisted jeans. When you receive a phone call or text, your pager will alert you that you need to check your phone by flashing and beeping- just like in Marvel's Captain Marvel. Fortunately, instead of running to a payphone, all you have to do is pull out your cell phone. For a limited time, this Captain Marvel Universal Pager is available for only 1 cent with a 2-year contract commitment.

The Captain Marvel design is sure to impress your friends, and the colors go really well with a neon geometric wind breaker. It's perfect for emergencies - like when you run out of eggs, or you're being snapped out of existence.

What's the point of a pager if you still need your phone to use it? It's a secret.
Product Specifications 
  • Captain Marvel Universal Pager 
  • A ThinkGeek exclusive 
  • Fully functioning pager that connects to your phone via Bluetooth® 
  • Displays up to 4 lines of text and 80 characters per line 
  • Only $0.01 with a 2-year contract ($9.99/month) 
  • No emoji support 
  • Up to 30,000 Maximum character capacity 
  • Compatibility: Supports all Android, Apple, and Stark devices 
  • Wireless Range: 30 ft. 
  • It's not actually intergalactic 
  • Only 90’s kids will remember to forget pagers 
  • 17 4011123 123801176 7415 53170 4379 
  • Materials: Plastic 
  • Dimensions: 2" tall x 3" wide x 3/4" long 
  • Power: 1 AA battery (included) 
  • Manufactured by Chronicle 
  • Ages 16+ 

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