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Klingon Battle Cruiser - Special Edition

This product is no longer available

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For Kahless!

  • Officially-licensed Star Trek merchandise
  • bISeH'eghlaH'be'chugh latlh Dara'laH'be'
  • Translation: If you cannot control yourself, you cannot command others

Just because you're stationed aboard a Klingon battle cruiser doesn't mean you have to be "on duty" all the time. Since this is a special edition battle cruiser, let's sing a special Klingon drinking song together. Grab your warm Klingon Bloodwine and put away your Bat'leth.
"'ej HumtaH 'ej DechtaH 'Iw 'ej Doq SoDtaH ghoSpa' Sqral bIQtIq 'e' pa' jaj law' moch jaj puS jaj qeylIS molar mIgh HoHchu'qu' (And the blood was ankle deep. And the River Skral ran crimson red. On the day above all days. When Kahless slew evil Molor dead.)"
- Klingon drinking song
Even though the Klingons are much more "relaxed" compared to Starfleet, we could do without some of the more extreme practices. Thankfully, we're transferring off this K't'inga-class battle cruiser at the next space station, but at least we’ll have this collectible replica to remind us of our time here. 
Product Specifications
  • Klingon Battle Cruiser - Special Edition
  • Officially-licensed Star Trek merchandise
  • Part of the Eaglemoss Collection
  • Do not use your Bat'leth while drinking Bloodwine
  • Celebrate Klingon culture and honor Kahless
  • Materials: Die-cast metal and ABS plastic
  • Dimensions: 3 1/2" length
  • Ages 14+

Klingon Battle Cruiser - Special Edition Video:

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