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Dungeons and Dragons Art and Arcana [Special Edition, Boxed Book & Ephemera Set]

This product is no longer available

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A Wondrous Item indeed

  • 448 page labor of love detailing the history of D&D
  • Comes in a slipcase with 10 prints of classic D&D artwork
  • Plus a facsimile of the original unpublished version of Tomb of Horrors

Right, so here's the best pitch we can come up with for this book: we were supposed to be writing about it an hour ago, but we're still flipping through it, page by page. Just so we can provide you with a sufficient summary, mind you. Definitely not getting sucked in by all the familiar images with crazy good details. Oh, hey. We had those Colorforms on page 164.

The book approaches Dungeons and Dragons chronologically, walking readers through the various editions sequentially, while providing context on what was going on in the outside world at the time through related products. Scattered throughout the book are various two-page spreads highlighting specific pieces. For instance, there's a great one on the evolution of the Beholder and one on the story behind the creation of Larry Elmore's classic red box cover art.

If it were just the book, we'd be able to spend days poring over this product before coming up from this Pool of Radiance for air. But it's not. This is the Special Edition, which comes in a slipcase with 10 prints of classic D&D artwork, plus a facsimile of the original unpublished version of Tomb of Horrors by Gary Gygax.

All the little details are what make this special. It's filled with the original sketches for pieces of finished art you're familiar with and rare behind-the-scenes photographs and drafts. Also? We were tickled to find out that some of the creators also have marginalia math all over their campaign notes, too. 

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