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Star Wars Han Solo Russell Walks Print

This product is no longer available

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"You guys, this thing almost killed me."

  • Signed and numbered by Russell Walks
  • Edition Size: 250
  • A ThinkGeek exclusive for SDCC 2018

We come in on Mr. Walks's description of the process behind this art, already in progress....
And so I went back the drawing board, and spent even more time thinking about Han and the world he inhabits - his home, as it were. "Well," I thought, "obviously, the closest thing Solo has to a home is the Fal- HOLY COW! I've got it! I'll draw Han's dice hanging on a white background!"

That idea had me really excited for a few minutes; it was simple, clean, and, ultimately, boring. Still, it led me along the path to what I ultimately decided to go with, the Falcon itself - Specifically the moment Han's talking about in A New Hope when he incredulously asks Luke and Ben, "You've never heard of the Millennium Falcon?"

THAT'S what I decided I ultimately wanted to depict, and once I found out that it would be ok to actually use those words on the art, that old feeling I get when I know I'm on the right track came back, and I got to work.

And here it is. I feel like it's well-composed, and that there's an element of excitement there. I especially like the way it calls back to A New Hope, since my connection to that movie is emotional, and being allowed by Lucasfilm to to add those words to this image makes me feel emotional about it - and the new movie - as well.

- Russell Walks, April 17, 2018 on Facebook
We have nothing to add to that except to say you can get your signed, numbered copy here or at the ThinkGeek booth at SDCC 2018.
Product Specifications 
  • Star Wars Han Solo Russell Walks Print
  • Officially-licensed Solo: A Star Wars Story collectible
  • A ThinkGeek exclusive for SDCC 2018
  • Signed and numbered by Russell Walks
  • Edition Size: 250
  • Materials: Heavy 100 lb. paper
  • Dimensions: 24" x 36"

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