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Sailor Moon Monopoly

Don’t you dare interrupt our transformation sequence!

  • Officially-licensed Sailor Moon merchandise
  • In the name of the Moon, go directly to jail!
  • Sailor Moon themed Monopoly – channel your inner magical girl


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Don’t you dare interrupt our transformation sequence!

We’re all just trying to find that “Miracle Romance” from Sailor Moon, but unfortunately, real life isn’t as nicely scripted as anime. Instead it’s more like we’re drawing randomly from the Chance pile in Monopoly. Let’s see what our next card says: “In the name of the Moon, go directly to jail. Do not transform. Do not collect $200.” We deserve this.

Sailor Moon Monopoly combines two of our favorites: anime and board games. Collect your favorite characters from Sailor Moon: S and try not to go into debt as you do it. This version of Monopoly reskins the original with the Sailor Guardians, Death Busters, and Witches 5. Even the tokens are Sailor Moon-themed! Unfortunately playing this game will not allow you to transform into a Sailor Guardian. Believe us, we’ve tried.
Product Specifications
  • Sailor Moon Monopoly
  • Officially-licensed Sailor Moon merchandise
  • For 2-6 players
  •  Ages 8+
  • Play time: 60 minutes - Silver Millennium 
  • Mechanic: Auction/bidding, player elimination, roll / spin and move, set collection, stock holding, trading
  • Also pretending to transform (but that’s just how we play it)
  • Includes:
    • 6 custom token: Sailor Moon’s Cosmic Heart Compact, Moon Chalice, and Spiral Heart Moon Rod, Sailor Pluto’s Garnet Orb, Sailor Uranus’ Space Sword, and Sailor Neptune’s Deep Aqua Mirror
    • Don’t laugh. It’s pronounced "Your-en-us"
    • Also, Haruka and Michiru are DEFINITELY not cousins
    • Custom game board featuring characters from the show
    • Instructions
  • WARNING - SMALL PARTS - Not intended for children under 3 years of age

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