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Bluetooth® Pet Rock

An upgrade of a classic

  • A modern version of the 1970s pet rock
  • Even better than the USB Pet Rock
  • Each rock is unique (please allow for natural variations in your Bluetooth Pet Rock)




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An upgrade of a classic

The Pet Rock phenomenon was an unbelievable experiment performed in the 70s by an advertising executive. The challenge: could he take a simple idea, market it, make people happy, and use it all to turn himself into a millionaire? The answer: yes. And... well, we at ThinkGeek love performing famous experiments to see if we can duplicate the outcome. But we need your help.

Simply pair your device with the rock and let the fun begin. The Bluetooth® Pet Rock will instantly begin to work its magic. People will stop by and ask you what your Bluetooth Pet Rock does. Each time, you can make up a new story, for no matter what you say, it will be greater than the truth - because these Bluetooth Pet Rocks don't do a dang thing. Except make you smile. And confuse your friends and coworkers, which will make you smile even more. So get your Bluetooth Pet Rock today, and help make us rich tomorrow. Thanks.

 Here's why you need a Bluetooth Pet Rock now:
  • They make a great gift for everyone we can think of. Except maybe Jim.
  • They don't need food or water.
  • They don't chew on your stuff.
  • They will make you instantly cool.
  • They never talk back to you.
  • They will forever love you in their own rocky way.
Product Specifications 
  • Bluetooth® Pet Rock
  • A ThinkGeek creation & exclusive 
  • Pet rock connects wirelessly to your phone or tablet
  • Compatible with devices running Bluetooth 4.0+
  • Wireless Range: 33 ft.
  • Connection status indicator light
  • No feed or care required
  • Uses Qi inductive charging - runs for 8 hours (standard use) on a single charge
  • Dimensions: approximately 4" x 4" x 3"
  • Note: Each rock is unique (please allow for natural variations in your Bluetooth Pet Rock)
  • Ethically sourced
  • Having trouble pairing? Be sure to select "Rock" from the Available devices.

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