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Quest Management Kit

Massively Multiplayer Management

  • Gamify your management style to connect with today's millennial workforce
  • Everything you need to create a series of "quests" to achieve business objectives
  • A ThinkGeek creation & exclusive




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Massively Multiplayer Management

As a manager, you're constantly bombarded by the latest management techniques. If you're looking for one that can bring about organizational behavior change while connecting with today's millennial workforce, invest in your company's future with ThinkGeek's Quest Management Kit. 

ThinkGeek's Quest Management Kit will bring out the best in you and your team. We do that by teaching you to leverage unique motivators, gamifying the experience of work by turning your team's objectives into a series of quests. Empower your employees to take on challenges they choose for the reward of "XP" - which can be redeemed for whatever sort of reward you deem appropriate - a promotion, a bonus, GeekyBucks. Whatever motivates your employees to achieve their goals. 

With the Quest Management Kit, you'll receive an access code for a high-energy webinar training session that'll walk you through all the basics to ensure you level up your leadership. You'll learn techniques for gamifying your management skills and encouraging your employees' enthusiasm even in the face of grinding, regardless of what type of company you work for. And this technique can not only help leaders at all levels of an organization increase the engagement of others, but it also can be helpful in your personal life or in the classroom. Nobody wants to take the trash out? Quest time!

Product Specifications 
  • Quest Management Kit 
  • A ThinkGeek creation & exclusive 
  • Gamify your management style to connect with today's millennial workforce
  • This kit gives you everything you need to create a series of "quests" for your direct reports to achieve business objectives
  • Incentivize employees to self-actualize by letting them select their own tasks with clear, realistic goals, expectations, and outcomes
  • Allow employees to visualize their role in the organization's progress toward the desired end state
  • Set comes with a board that keeps everything organized and everyone on task (sawtooth hanger on back for ease of display)
  • 4 Quest Pads of 100 pages each allow you to start off with 400 different tasks
  • Convertible Status Hat fits most adult human heads and comes with a yellow exclamation mark to indicate you have a quest to give out
  • Employees select their own Acceptance Seals 
  • Dimensions: 40" wide x 30" tall x 3" deep Quest Board
  • Includes Quest Board, 4 Quest Pads (large Quest, small Quest, large Urgent Quest, small Urgent Quest), Convertible Status Hat, 6 sets of Acceptance Seals, a Loot Box of Mystery (empty), and a code for access to the webinar training session

Quest Management Kit Video:

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