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Transformers Classic Soundtrack - Exclusive BumbleBee Vinyl LP

This product is no longer available

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More than meets the ear

  • 40 classic tracks from the cartoon
  • Yellow and black pressed vinyl in tribute to Bumblebee
  • Almost 45 minutes of time travel back to the 80s

Every Transformer has one thing in common. Not just an affinity to a good wax job (yes, even Grimlock likes him some wax), but also a rad sound system (even Grimlock has... okay, he ATE one). And they sure like pumping out the best mix of the 80s you could ever imagine. 

This Transformers Classic Soundtrack is just perfect for rocking out and showing your support for the giant transforming robots we all love. This vinyl is ready to show the world that old-school toons rock your world. And it comes in yellow and black, just like Bumblebee. 
Product Specifications 
  • Transformers Classic Soundtrack - BumbleBee Vinyl LP
  • Officially-licensed Transformers merchandise 
  • Original television series score by Robert J. Walsh and Johnny Douglas
  • Yellow and black pressed vinyl in tribute to Bumblebee
  • 40 classic tracks from the cartoon
  • Almost 45 minutes of time travel back to the 80s
  • Gatefold cover lists episode source of each piece

Side A
Opening theme song
Cybertron Sorrow
The Bridge to Iacon
Unwelcoming Committee
Attack! Attack! 
Decepticon Drama
Explore! Repair!
Facing Disaster
Ominous Discovery
Elements of Danger
Something's Wrong
Overcoming the Unstoppable
No More Worries
Heavy Mettle
Man and Machine
Matters and Antimatters
Battle Fearlessly
Ancient Legends
The March of War

Side B
Roll for Home
The Glimmer of Hope
Earth to Cybertron
Into the Jaws of Death
Doomed Together
The Wrong Readings Mean the Right Doom 
Transformers Medley
Mad Planet
Conflict on Cassette
Pastoral Tranquility
From the Secret Files of Teletraan II
Separation Anxiety
Synthesized Magic
Uneasy Advances
Epic Struggles
Mysterious Airs
Waking Nightmare

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