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The Last Guardian 2LP Vinyl

The Soundtrack of Pet Ownership

  • Takeshi Furukawa's epic The Last Guardian score on vinyl
  • 2 colored vinyl discs that look like Trico's feathers
  • Tri-fold cover with original artwork by Nimit Malavia

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The Soundtrack of Pet Ownership

With the long wait finally over and a PlayStation controller firmly in our hands, we worked through the puzzles, crossed tightropes and deteriorating bridges, precariously climbed crumbling towers, and all for what? To hunt down some more treats for a big puppy that only listened to our commands half the time? Yes. And we loved every second of it, right down to the envitably feels-filled last moment.

The gorgeous lush scenery, the ridiculously life-like animation, and the unfolding mystery of The Last Guardian were all brought together by the cinematic soundtrack composed by Takeshi Furukawa and performed by the London Symphony Orchestra, the Trinity Boys Choir, and London Voices. Which is why we're so excited to offer you this 2-disc vinyl LP set of the amazing music from the game. Listening to this soundtrack on vinyl takes us right back into The Last Guardian, and gives us that strange and wonderful feeling of suddenly receiving a new puppy and going on an epic adventure at the same time.

Product Specifications

  • The Last Guardian Vinyl Soundtrack 2xLP
  • Officially-licensed The Last Guardian merchandise
  • 2-disc vinyl LP set of the musical score from The Last Guardian
  • Composed, orchestrated, conducted, and co-produced by Takeshi Furukawa
  • Performed by the London Symphony Orchestra, the Trinity Boys Choir, and London Voices
  • Recorded at Lyndhurst Hall - AIR Studios
  • Epic tri-fold cover with artwork by Nimit Malavia
  • Colored vinyl discs in light and dark grey with a feathering effect
  • RPM: 33 1/3
  • Pressed on 180 gram vinyl

Track Listing

A Side
1. Overture: Lore
2. Panorama
3. Forest
4. Sentinel I
5. The Tower
6. Falling Bridge
7. Hanging Gardens

B Side
1. Sentinel II
2. Victorious
3. Alone
4. The Nest
5. Flashback

C Side
1. Sanctuary
2. Condor Clash
3. Wounded
4. Finale I: Apex

D Side
1. Finale II: Escape
2. End Titles: The Last Guardian Suite
3. Epilogue

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