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Uncharted: Nathan Drake Vinyl 3LP

This product is no longer available

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A Thief's Soundtrack

  • Greg Edmonson's rousing Uncharted series score on vinyl
  • 3 LP set with themed colored vinyl
  • Album artwork by dynamic art duo W$YK

Ready to go back to the search for El Dorado / Shangri-La / Iram of the Pillars? You'll need to do some climbing (so much climbing), as you track down Sully / Elena / Chloe / some guy that you've been separated from due to flood / explosion / bigger explosion, and then make it through a shootout with a tank / helicopter / train full of mercenaries, only to do some more climbing before you can put your hands on [insert ancient artifact that only has clues to the next place you need to do more climbing in, here].

Or, you can put yourself back in the action by breaking out that ancient artifact known as a "record player" to listen to sweeping Uncharted score by Greg Edmonson. You probably have one of those mysterious devices if you're reading this, though maybe you don't and you're just into collecting vinyl, in which case we are in no position to judge - we've gone after the "Treasure Hunter" award ourselves. But you can't truly claim to have the achievement if you don't have this sweeping soundtrack on vinyl.

Product Specifications
  • Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection Vinyl Soundtrack 3xLP
  • Officially-licensed Uncharted merchandise
  • 3-disc vinyl LP set of the musical score from the first 3 Uncharted games
  • Composed by Greg Edmonson
  • Mastered for vinyl by Telegraph Mastering Studio
  • Art by We Buy Your Kids
  • Colored vinyl for each disc (Drake's Fortune is green, Among Thieves is blue, and Drake's Deception is sand)
  • RPM: 33 1/3
  • Pressed on 180 gram vinyl
Track Listing

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune

A Side
1. Nate’s Theme
2. Grave Robbing
3. Sir Francis Drake
4. The Search for El Dorado
5. Uncharted Island
6. Unlocking the Past
7. Drowned City
8. A Bitter End

B Side
9. Trapped
10. Heading Upriver
11. Treasure Vault
12. Drake's Elegy
13. Showdown
14. Uncharted Theme
15. Uncharted: The Eldorado Megamix

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

A Side
1. Among Thieves
2. The City's Secret
3. Bustin' Chops
4. Reunion
5. Breaking and Entering
6. Helicopter and Tank
7. Marco Polo
8. The Monastery

B Side
9. Warzone
10. Train Wrecked
11. The Gates of Shambhala
12. Brutal Combo Mambo
13. A Rock and a Hard Place
14. The Road to Shambhala

Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception

A Side
1. The Setup
2. Atlantis of the Sands
3. Small Beginnings
4. Bazaar Brawl
5. Badlands
6. As Above, So Below
7. Iram of the Pillars
8. The London Underground

B Side
9. Sink or Swim
10. The Empty Quarter
11. Drake’s Return
12. Oh No Chateau
13. Searching for Sully
14. Pursuit
15. Something Better

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