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Funko POP! Tron Glow-In-The-Dark Vinyl Figures

This product is no longer available

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Finish the Game

  • Super-cute Funko POP! versions of Tron characters
  • Choose either Tron or Sark
  • 1-in-6 chance of getting a shimmery chase version!

It's easy for any programmer to become totally absorbed in their work, but poor Flynn, he got it real bad. Thank goodness the inside of the digital world looks a lot like a gladiatorial arena, and he didn't have to wrangle with issuing commands or tangling with literal code. And that Tron was there to help him get out. Hurray for useful programs (and friends)!

You don't have to be transported into the digital world to make friends with Tron, because Funko has transported him into our world as a POP! vinyl figure! You can grab Tron, or Sark, or get them both because they're totally ready to face off with their light discs in hand. And if you're really good at the games (or really, just lucky), you might even get a different version: there's a 1-in-6 chance on each of them of getting a shimmery chase figure!

Product Specifications
  • Super-cute Funko POP! versions of Tron characters
  • Officially-licensed Tron merchandise
  • Choose Tron or Sark
  • They glow in the dark, just like in the film!
  • Each one has a 1-in-6 chance of being a rare shimmery chase variant
  • Materials: Vinyl
  • Dimensions: 3 3/4" tall
  • We cannot guarantee that packaging will be in perfect shape when it arrives
  • WARNING - SMALL PARTS - not intended for children under 3 years of age

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