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Justice League Flash Statue - Exclusive

This product is no longer available

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A Flashy Piece of Art

  • 7-inch statue of Ezra Miller's likeness in Justice League
  • The Flash dashes in to do battle
  • Display alone or with the other members of the Justice League

There's something oddly serene about viewing the fastest man alive caught in a single moment in time. That could be because Barry Allen can experience time more slowly than the rest of us, so he can be totally calm while moving really, really fast, since it doesn't seem so fast to him. In fact, we can't say for sure whether this is really a statue of the Flash, or just the Flash messing with time and appearing like a statue to us. How do we know if the statue is still there when we turn our backs?

Well, we're pretty sure this is a statue of the Flash, anyway. But actor Ezra Miller's likeness has been so perfectly captured in this highly-detailed statue, we'll always have our doubts as to whether this is cast in polystone, or the really-real Flash! Though, the fact that it is about 7 inches tall leans us back toward the statue camp... or is he just really far away? Anyway, if he is a statue, don't put him on the shelf all by himself - this kid needs some friends.

Product Specifications
  • Justice League Flash Statue
  • Officially-licensed DC Comics merchandise
  • A ThinkGeek exclusive
  • Statue of Ezra Miller as the Flash in Justice League
  • Display base included
  • Materials: Polystone
  • Dimensions: 6.8" tall (with base)
  • Weight: approximately 1 1/2 lbs

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