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Cats in the Box Eraser and Pencil 4pc Set

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  • Four frisky feline erasers hiding in cardboard boxes
  • Each one rests atop a wood pencil
  • Because they fits, they sits


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Write Up Your Purrformance Review

What's 100 times better than every cat tree you assemble and every cat bed you carefully select and lay out for your feline friend? The humble, simple cardboard box. Especially when it's a box that you are keeping to ship something in later, and you would super appreciate it if it didn't end up filled with kitty hair in the meantime, but you guess you'll just have to live with it, because if they fits, then they will always sits.

Whether you're heading back to school, drafting up some secret plans, or just jotting down a quick note to your cat sitter ("Cat food is on the bottom shelf of the cupboard, treats are on the top shelf, and cat is probably hiding under the couch."), you'll appreciate this 4-pack of Cats in the Box erasers and pencils. Featuring four frisky felines (orange tabby, grey tabby, black, and white) hiding in cardboard boxes atop handy writing implements, wrapped up like little lollipops (but not for eatsing, bad kitty!). Perfect for your own use or as the purrfect gift for your favorite cat lover.

Product Specifications
  • Cats in the Box Eraser and Pencil 4pc Set
  • 4-pack of novelty kitty-in-box erasers and pencils
  • Wrapped up like little lollipops, ready for gifting
  • Purrfect gift for the cat lover that writes a lot, and likes to change their mind, too
  • Materials: Thermoplastic rubber erasers and wood pencils
  • Dimensions: 8" long (each)
  • Ages 5+
  • WARNING - SMALL PARTS - Not intended for children under 3 years of age

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