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Sloth Sticky Memo Set

This product is no longer available

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Just hangin' around

  • Shaped like a sloth on a branch... with baby sloths!
  • Each set includes 4 pads (with 25 sheets each)
  • Because holding on and hanging out is a real skill

Peanut Butter & Jelly. Chocolate & Milk. Tacos & Tuesdays. Some things are just a natural fit. So natural that the first time you experience them, your whole understanding of the world seems to expand.

Such is the case with these adorable sloth sticky notes. Seriously, why aren't ALL sticky notes sloth-shaped? Think about it: both sloths and sticky notes are made to find a place to hang, and then just hold on there. That's it. That's their whole deal! The memos have the ability to convey vital information, and the sloths have the ability to be cute and lazy. What more could you want from your stationery? Oh, how about variety and ingenious design: each set includes 100 assorted tabs (25 sheets each of 4 different shapes), and comes in a set that looks like... wait for it... a sloth hanging from a branch, carrying baby sloths on its belly! The head of the mama sloth is a notepad - open her arms to access each baby sloth, which is also a pad. Because you deserve the best.

Product Specifications
  • Sloth Sticky Memo Set
  • Sloths make the best sticky notes because they're great at hanging onto stuff!
  • Includes 100 assorted sheets (4 designs with 25 sheets each)
  • Set looks like a sloth hanging from a branch, because you deserve the best
  • Head of the outer sloth is a pad
  • Open the arms to access the baby sloths, which are each a pad as well
  • Materials: Paper. And laziness.
  • Dimensions: 5.25" wide x 3.75" tall

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