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Mini Pill Bug Plush

AKA Roly Poly, Butchy-Boy, Doodlebug

  • Call it what you like, just don't call it late for dinner
  • Soft custom-dyed polar fleece plush
  • May curl into a ball when threatened


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AKA Roly Poly, Butchy-Boy, Doodlebug

What do you call a little bitty crustacean that can roll up into an almost-perfect sphere? No really, we're asking. Because everyone seems to call it something different. So do you refer to a member of Armadillidiidae family of woodlice as an armadillo bug, boat-builder, butcher boy/butchy boy, carpenter/cafner, cheeselog, cheesy bob, chiggy pig, doodlebug, gramersow, granny grey, hog-louse, pill bug, potato bug, roll up bug, roly poly, sow bug, slater, or wood bug?

Whatever you call this little cutie, how could you not love it? Ready to crawl straight from your garden into your heart, this little doodlebug has two big black bead eyes, an embroidered cutie mouth, two plushie antenna nubs, six stubby little legs, and four back segments, with the front-most one tucking down over its eyes. Quite possibly the cutest crustacean ever (by any name you like).
Product Specifications 
  • Mini Pill Bug Plush
  • A ThinkGeek exclusive
  • A roly poly crustacean plush made from custom-dyed polar fleece
  • Perfect gift for anyone, no matter what they call this loveable little bug
  • Materials: Polyester fiber. All new material.
  • Care Instructions: Surface washable
  • Imported
  • Dimensions: 7" long
  • Ages 3+

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