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Bat-Signal Spotlight Prop

This product is no longer available

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There must be trouble in Gotham City!

  • Prop replica of the Bat-Signal is over a foot tall!
  • Comes with three Bat symbols: Nolan, Knightfall, and traditional
  • It's always best to be prepared - you never know when you might need Batman

You may not live in Gotham City, but danger is everywhere. At any moment, you could get mugged by someone who wants your awesome t-shirt. Or your witty bumper sticker could be scraped off your car. Or your favorite stapler could be stolen from your desk. Who are you gonna call?

No, see, that's a good answer, but the Ghostbusters really specialize in paranormal activity, and this is everyday crime, so the correct answer is, of course, Batman. And to call Batman, you'll need a Bat-Signal. You're in luck; we have a Bat-Signal right here. With this working prop replica, you'll probably get the hero you deserve, but you can attempt to get your favorite right now by swapping out the Bat symbol on the face. DC characterizes your three options as one inspired by the Christopher Nolan Batman movies, one Knightfall symbol, and a traditional symbol from the pages of the Dark Knight's comics. We totally agree with the Christopher Nolan. Spot on. But Knightfall? Really? We think it's a bit closer to Batman Forever, so you'll probably get Val Kilmer. But it's also reminiscent of the 80s and 90s movies so Michael Keaton might show up. And the "traditional comics" one reminds us most of New 52 Batman or maybe Arkhamverse. You know, actually, it's our favorite, so we'll try it out and let you know who shows up, k?

Note: ThinkGeek does not recommend that you rely on Batman to save you from life-threatening situations. He's a busy guy, and you're far from Gotham.

Product Specifications

  • Bat-Signal Spotlight Prop
  • Officially-licensed DC Comics collectible
  • Foot-tall prop replica Bat-Signal for all your Bat summoning needs
  • Edition Size: 5000
  • Call the specific hero you need right now - comes with three Bat symbols: one inspired by the Christopher Nolan Batman movies, one Knightfall symbol, and a traditional symbol from the pages of the Dark Knight's comics
  • Bat symbols attach with magnets
  • Base rotates 180°, head tilts
  • Optimal distance is 5-8 feet from projection surface, so you're gonna wanna use a wall or ceiling (not even Gotham has clouds that low and dense)
  • Materials: Metal, ABS, and polyresin
  • Imported
  • Batteries: 3 AA batteries (not included)
  • Dimensions: 12 3/4" tall x 9" x 8"
  • Includes Bat-Signal housing with polyresin base, USB cable, removable power adapter, and LED light source

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