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T-Rex On Your Shelf

Rawr! I'm Back from Extinction!

  • All-green T. Rex is made of resin
  • Stands 13" tall and almost 2 feet long
  • Has sharp, life-like teeth and itty bitty, life-like arms


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Rawr! I'm Back from Extinction!

Who needs long arms when you have sharp and powerful teeth, strong and stable legs, and a tail that balances out your massive head? Not the T. Rex, that's for sure. This heavy hitter of the Late Cretaceous period can safely be your home companion - even though it can't reach for things - as this one is made of resin and stands only 13 inches tall, easily fitting on your desk or shelf.

This all-green T-Rex On The Shelf is also a perfect centerpiece for a child's birthday party or Over-the-Hill 50th birthday party, or it can be an understated but meaningful piece of general room décor. Place it by a front window to scare off solicitors. Or allow it to participate in your weekly catastrophic extinction event recreations! It can also be dressed up for each season. No matter how dinosaurs enrich your life, you've got a friend in this T-Rex.

Product Specifications
  • T-Rex On The Shelf
  • Guards your possessions
  • Keeps you company
  • Adds dino flair to wherever you place it
  • Dress it up with a seasonal hat, scarf, or feather boa
  • For your favorite paleontologist, dino-obsessed kid, or old fossil in your life
  • Note: This dinosaur will not be able to help you get things off shelves
  • Materials: Resin
  • Dimensions: 21 1/2" long x 6 1/2" wide x 13" tall

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