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One-Punch Man Chibi Heroes Ladies' Tee

Ready to face any disaster level

Saitama, the Caped Baldy himself, has assembled one tough crew on the front of this white 100% cotton ladies' tee! These adorable chibi-style heroes (and villain!) have the rank and strength to tackle any monster. Or maybe they're just bargain hunting....


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Ready to face any disaster level

The Caped Baldy himself, Saitama, is joined by a real tough crew on this adorable chibi-style white ladies' tee! He's rolling with a couple of S-Class heroes (Genos/ "Demon Cyborg" and Tatsumaki/ "Tornado of Terror") plus a C-Class hero (Mumen Rider!) and even a rival (the villainous ninja Speed-o'-Sound Sonic). For a group with that much strength to assemble, they must be facing a Dragon or even God level monster threat. Or would it be a chibi-Dragon or chibi-God level threat? Yay cute monster fights!
We're sure it'll be fine, though. Saitama may only be a B-Class hero, but he's also punched a meteor out of the sky. And who knows - maybe he's just taking them out to hit a really good sale! Either way, you'll definitely be safe with this cute crew guarding you. Officially licensed. Based on the hit manga and anime series One Punch Man. 100% cotton. Machine wash warm. Tumble dry low. Imported.

Sizing Table

Chest32 in.33 in.35 in.37 in.39 in.41 in.43 in.
Length24 1/2 in.25 in.26 in.27 in.28 in.29 in.30 in.

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