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Star Power Unicorno Zip Hoodie

Get Your Magic On

  • Comfy ladies' hoodie featuring a Unicorno in spaaaaace
  • Custom tokidoki printed hood lining and zipper pull
  • Two pockets for hiding your magic unicorn sparkle dust in


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Get Your Magic On

We all need a little more sherbet-y rainbow magic in our lives right now. A lot more actually, if the proliferation of such whimsically-colorful food and drink tells us anything, like that we're all literally trying to fuel up on beautiful rainbows. Unicornos understand the struggle: they were just regular ponies until they discovered the right magical waterfall to power their dreams and lead them to a magical kingdom. We'll be right there, Unicornos! With rainbow toast in hand.

Load up on star power and travel to a magical land in this comfy Star Power Unicorno Zip Hoodie. Featuring a the sherbet rainbow Unicorno Prisma amidst a field of stars on the front, a custom tokidoki zipper pull, light blue hood lining printed with a pattern of the tokidoki star and skull logo, and two front pockets to keep your magic in. Though, maybe not your unicorn toast and fancy whipped drinks - that sort of magic doesn't do pockets so well.

Product Specifications
  • Star Power Unicorno Zip Hoodie
  • Official tokidoki Unicorno merchandise
  • Front-zip black hoodie featuring Prisma the Unicorno frolicking in the stars
  • White/Gold tone tokidoki heart and crossbones zipper pull
  • Printed hood lining (tokidoki star and skull logo pattern in white on light blue)
  • Front pockets
  • Embroidered tokidoki heart and crossbones logo near the right wrist cuff
  • tokidoki logo graphic on the upper back
  • Materials: 80% Cotton, 20% Polyester
  • Care Instructions: Machine wash cold. Tumble dry low or lay flat to dry.
  • Imported

Sizing Table

Chest 31 in. 33 in. 35 in. 38 in.
Waist 29 in. 31 in. 34 in. 37 in.
Length 24 in. 24.5 in. 25 in. 25.5 in.
Sleeve Length 24 in. 24.5 in. 25 in. 25.5 in.

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