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Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Ultimate Edition - Exclusive Vinyl Box Set

This product is no longer available

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A bit of Soule music

  • Four LPs held together in a full color, quad-fold, jacket
  • Features 52 memorable songs from the game
  • Laser etching of the Skyrim dragon logo on one album

For a truly amazing experience, a game has a to ensnare the senses. Maybe not taste and smell, but we're pretty sure we'll get there as well. But you can't just have a great looking game - it needs to have a wonderful sound score as well. A captivating experience will pull you into the game world with a soundscape that seems almost otherworldly. And that is exactly what Jeremy Soule has done.

A soundtrack so magical you'd swear it should just be a perk in the conjuration tree. Take home four LPs held together in a quad-fold jacket that features iconic scenery from the game. The jacket is housed in a full color, heavy board-stock, slip case. Side H has a laser etching of the classic Skyrim dragon logo.

Product Specifications
  • Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Ultimate Edition - Exclusive Vinyl Box Set
  • Officially-licensed Skyrim merchandise
  • A ThinkGeek exclusive
  • Vinyl collection of 52 songs from artist Jeremy Soule featured in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
  • Features four colored LPs and a full color quad-fold jacket
  • Jacket features classic and iconic scenery from the game
  • Housed in a full color, heavy board-stock, slip case
  • Side H features laser etching of the Skyrim dragon logo
Track Listing

Side A
1. Dragonborn
2. Awake
3. From Past to Present
4. Unbroken Road
5. Ancient Stones
6. The City Gates
7. Silent Footsteps

Side B
8. Dragonsreach
9. Tooth and Claw
10. Under the Ancient Sun
11. Death or Sovngarde
12. Masser
13. Distant Horizons
14. Dawn
15. The Jerall Mountains

Side C
16. Steel on Steel
17. Secunda
18. Imperial Throne
19. Frostfall
20. Night without Stars
21. Into Darkness
22. Kyne's Peace
23. Unbound
24. Far Horizons

Side D
25. A Winter's Tale
26. The Bannered Mare
27. The Streets of Whiterun
28. One They Fear
29. The White River
30. Silence Unbroken
31. Standing Stones

Side E
32. Beneath the Ice
33. Tundra
34. Journey's End
35. Before the Storm
36. A Chance Meeting
37. Out of the Cold
38. Around the Fire
39. Shadows and Echoes

Side F
40. Caught off Guard
41. Aurora
42. Blood and Steel
43. Towers and Shadows
44. Seven Thousand Steps
45. Solitude
46. Watch the Skies
47. The Gathering Storm
48. Sky ABove, Voice Within

Side G
49. Death in the Darkness
50. Shattered Shields
51. Sovngarde
52. Wind Guide You

Side H
Etching of Skyrim dragon logo

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