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Rick and Morty: Anatomy Park

This product is no longer available

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Get ready to ride the Pirates of the Pancreas!

  • Build the world's greatest theme park inside Ruben's organs!
  • Who's Ruben? Um... he's a very sick Santa.
  • Based on the hilarious Rick and Morty episode!

Ruben is a very, very sick Santa. But inside that diseased shell of a man is a helluva theme park - or there will be, once you build it! Go deep inside the hilarious Rick and Morty episode (and Ruben) with up to three friends and see if you can plan out the world's greatest microscopic theme park... before you get overtaken by diseases. Or Ruben dies. How's that for some high stakes?!

Play as Rick, Morty, Annie, Poncho, Roger, or Dr. Xenon Bloom as you place your Park Tiles around to construct an Anatomy Park filled with Rides, Food, Attractions, Transit, and most importantly: Exits. Gotta be able to get out of Ruben somehow! It's not all fun and rides inside Ruben, as you'll also have to contend with the dangerous Diseases he's accumulated during his rough life. Roll to shoot them, but be careful - if you miss, you might give Ruben a Heart Attack. Don't worry though, it IS possible to finish the game without killing him. It's just highly unlikely. If things seem too simple, there is an Advanced Game using secret Master Plan cards (because Rick always has a Master Plan). If nothing else, just remember: Gonorrhea can't see you if you don't move. Or is that a T. Rex?
Product Specifications
  • Rick and Morty: Anatomy Park
  • Officially-licensed Rick and Morty merchandise
  • Based on the episode of the same name
  • For 2-4 players
  • Ages 18+
  • Play time: 30-45 minutes
  • Mechanic: Acting, Grid Movement, Hand Management, Modular Board, Tile Placement
  • Includes:
    • 46 Park Tiles
    • 9 Focus Group Tiles
    • 24 Bodily Reactions Cards
    • 6 Master Plan Cards
    • 3 Dice
    • 6 Oversize Character Cards
    • 6 Character Standees
    • 6 Disease Standees
    • Lots of Victory Points Tokens
    • 30 Control Cubes (5 each of 6 different colors)
    • 1 Rulebook

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