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Intellectual Property Labyrinth

Don't Go That Way!

  • A sleek and modern new look for an old classic
  • Turn the knobs to guide the ball through the maze
  • Ages 8+


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Don't Go That Way!

Oh, don't mind us. We'll get to writing a product description for you in a minute. We've just got to have one more go at the classic Labyrinth puzzle, first. You see, we had this down pat when we were but wee geeklings. We could turn the knobs easily to gracefully guide the ball through the maze to the finish. But we're a bit out of practice now, and - hey! That's not fair! Just when we think we're getting smarter - that it's a piece of cake - we fall down another hole. We could really use some helping hands here.

So you see, we're too fixated by this sleek, modern new version of the Labyrinth puzzle to write anything for you. Because it's not just a puzzle that we need to solve, it's also a beautiful display piece that looks great on a shelf or desk, making it the perfect gift. Say, that's the answer! We'll give this to the ThinkGeek Overlords so they're too distracted to notice that we're not getting our writing work done. Because it makes such a lovely office gift, they'll never know the true purpose of our gift - unless you tell on us, that is.
Product Specifications 
  • Intellectual Property Labyrinth
  • The classic wooden puzzle gets a sleek and modern new look
  • Turn two dials to navigate a ball bearing across a maze filled with holes
  • Perfect gift for puzzlers young and old
  • As fun to play as it is beautiful to display
  • Ages 8+

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