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Pure Genius Oversized Desktop Puzzles

This product is no longer available

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What a Puzzling Display

  • Beautiful puzzles to display on your desktop
  • If you can manage to assemble them, that is!
  • Choose between Acorn or Stumped

The monkeys here at ThinkGeek are often left scratching our heads over something or other. A difficult piece of code in our Engineering treehouse, a difficult level in a video game, or one of life's big mysteries like "why aren't there caffeinated bananas yet, science?" But our favorite head-scratchers of all time are old-school physical puzzles - the ones that we can really get our little monkey hands on and occupy our brains for hours and hours.

Made from eco-friendly monkey pod wood, these beautiful desktop display puzzles couldn't be more perfect for us. The objective seems simple: disassemble and then reassemble the over-sized wooden pieces that make up these matrix-shaped puzzles. But it's never quite that easy, now is it? The large pieces make it perfect for a little teamwork between colleagues, or for those of us monkeys who can't seem to keep track of our glasses. And when we're finally done putting them back together, we can proudly display them as beautiful works of art on our desks. Assuming we ever get them reassembled, that is!

Pure Genius Oversized Desktop Puzzles

Product Specifications
  • Pure Genius Oversized Desktop Puzzles
  • Beautiful wooden matrix-shaped puzzles, perfect for display
  • Choose between Acorn or Stumped
  • Classic brain-teasers the size of a cannonball
  • Made from eco-friendly monkey pod wood (despite the name, not a source of pod monkeys)
  • Large pieces for team play or puzzle-lovers with poor eyesight
  • Dimensions: 6" x 6" x 6"

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