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True Genius Wooden Puzzles

The Puzzle of Ancient History

  • Ancient history lessons in puzzle form
  • Puzzles made of many shades of solid wood
  • Choose from Aztec Temple, Powder Keg, Roman Bricks, and Roman City Grid

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Choice: Roman City Grid



The Puzzle of Ancient History

A simple goal: Take it apart and put it back together. Easy, right? Wrong. These True Genius Wooden Puzzles are deceptively challenging. Each combination of different shades of finished wood embodies a fascinating bit of ancient history in a puzzle beautiful enough to have a place on your desk. Be sure to study how they are put together before you take them apart, though!

Aztec Temple (3/4 difficulty) – This puzzle is reminiscent of the stepped pyramids of the Aztecs of Central and South America, which were places to gather, practice astronomy, or observe religious worship. Various colors of wood fit together securely in a mesmerizing cascade of steps.

Powder Keg (3/4 difficulty) – Looking like a diminutive powder keg, this barrel is full of a challenge instead of gunpowder. The ancient Chinese discovered a mineral that can be used to make gunpowder, which they then used to make fireworks, and also weapons in the form of rockets and ballistics. Use your own ingenuity to figure out how to take this one apart and put it back together.

Roman Bricks (4/4 difficulty) – The Romans perfected bricks in the first century BCE by adding volcanic ash concrete to their clay. This made for a stronger and more durable product, making buildings more stable and allowing for more interesting architecture. This deceptively difficult puzzle looks like a series of Roman bricks put together to form a cube. But take it apart and it's not so easy to reassemble correctly. Its six wooden "bricks" need to go together just so to re-create the cube.

Roman City Grid (2/4 difficulty) – Gridded cities are familiar the world over, but this urban layout has roots in the ancient Roman Empire. Roman civil engineers would begin to develop conquered areas starting with a perpendicular crossroads in the middle of town. Businesses and public areas were added to these city centers, and where people gathered, societies were born. Build your own city center with this beautiful, and slightly easier, intersection of wood pieces.

Which one will you challenge yourself with first?

True Genius Wooden Puzzles

Product Specifications
  • True Genius Wooden Puzzles
  • Choose from Aztec Temple, Powder Keg, Roman Bricks, and Roman City Grid
  • Take the puzzle apart, put it back together
  • Get frustrated
  • Try again
  • Ask a friend
  • Take a deep breath
  • You got this
  • For puzzlers who enjoy a good challenge with their history lesson
  • Puzzles also make a gorgeous desk decoration
  • Materials: Wood
  • Dimensions: Each puzzle is around 4" each direction
  • Ages 14+

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