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Overwatch Loot Box Ceramic Cookie Jar

Who Stole the Looties from the Lootie Jar?

  • Ceramic jar shaped like an Overwatch Loot Box
  • Lid comes off completely to reveal the goodies inside
  • Fill it up with your own Rare, Epic, and Legendary items!

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Who Stole the Looties from the Lootie Jar?

One fine day at Overwatch, Winston called all the of heroes in to solve a mystery. Sure, there was only a 2.55% chance that the Loot Box would contain a Legendary item in the first place, but what had happened was truly against all odds: empty!

"Who stole the loot from the Loot Box?" Winston asked, looking around the room of suspicious faces.

"D.Va stole the loot from the Loot Box!" Junkrat exclaimed.

"Who, me?" D.Va looked surprised.

"Yeah, you!" chimed Mei.

"Couldn't be!" D.Va quipped back.

"Zwee?" asked Bastion.

"Yes, then who?" Winston asked, interpreting Bastion's query.

This could go on for a while! With so many heroes in Overwatch, we may never solve the mystery of who stole the loot from the Loot Box. But while the rest of the heroes are busy pointing fingers, you can safely stow your awesome loot in this epic ceramic Loot Box! Shaped just like the in-game Loot Boxes, the lid comes right off to reveal the goodies stored inside. Use it to store whatever you like (including, yes, cookies), but beware of other heroes with sticky fingers!
Product Specifications 
  • Overwatch Epic Loot Chest Lidded Container
  • Officially-licensed Overwatch merchandise
  • Ceramic jar with lid, shaped just like the in-game Loot Box
  • Entire lid comes off, revealing whatever goodies you've stored inside
  • Does not come pre-stocked with loot, you'll have to provide your own
  • But hey, that means you won't get any dupes!
  • Materials: High-quality ceramic
  • Dimensions: approximately 5 1/2" tall x 6 3/4" wide (square)
  • Weight:
  • Ages 13+

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