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Mindtrap 20th Anniversary Edition

This product is no longer available

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Quirky Quiz Questions Will Baffle Your Brain!

  • A new take on the classic, brainteaser game
  • Includes 384 challenging questions
  • Game is easy to play anywhere!

Do you like a good brainteaser? How about visual puzzles? Mysteries to solve? Yes? Then the MindTrap 20th Anniversary Edition should be your next game to play. Just round up one or more other players and you're ready to go! It's also easy to play this game with teams, especially since turns don't include a time limit (though you may want to include one if your group includes those with analysis paralysis). And, since there is no board, merely cards and a spinner, you won't need a large area to play.

Including four challenging categories - Rebus Riddles, Classic Conundrums, Picture Puzzles, and MindTrap Mysteries - your game night will be full of logic problems, baffling mysteries, trick questions, and conundrums that you'll still be sorting through in your mind the next day. Each category includes 96 cards, so there is enough content for plenty of repeat plays. Try it with your friends or family, or with older kids who need some education in critical thinking!

Note: Some content may be deemed too violent and inappropriate for children. It is categorized as an Adult game, not a Family game, but kids 12+ may be able to handle the content. Please use discretion.

Product Specifications
  • MindTrap 20th Anniversary Edition
  • Perfect for players who like a challenge
  • Or for those who need a lesson in critical thinking
  • Play fits on a small surface
  • New questions and categories
  • For 2+ players
  • Ages 12+
  • Play time: 30 - 45 min.
  • Mechanic: Partnerships
  • Includes:
    • 96 Rebus Riddles cards
    • 96 Classic Conundrums cards
    • 96 Picture Puzzles cards
    • 96 MindTrap Mysteries cards
    • 1 spinner
    • instructions

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