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Cat Lady Old Maid

This product is no longer available

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A New Life Goal: Cat Lady

  • Unique and original card designs
  • Includes such lovable cats as "Tuna" and "Eartha Kitten"
  • Yes, the goal is to actually BECOME the Cat Lady!

Are you tired of people asking you, "When are you going to get married, settle down, and have some kids?" Are you equally tired of hearing, "You're already on your way to becoming a middle aged cat lady?"

Gather around the table, friends, as we celebrate a new goal in life: to play Cat Lady Old Maid, and become that which everyone seems to fear.

This delightful card game (designed by watercolor artist and feline aficionado Megan Lynn Kott) includes original renderings of such unique cats as "Aaron Purr," "Colonel Snuggle Bottoms," and "Tuna." (Because what animal wouldn't want to be named after its favorite food? In our next life, we're hoping to be named "Bacon.")

Whoever achieves their life goal of becoming the Cat Lady at the end is the winner, and is forever freed from intrusive comments about their relationship status. At least for the rest of the evening.
Product Specifications 
  • Cat Lady Old Maid
  • A novel twist on the classic "Old Maid" game
  • Designed by Detroit, Michigan artist Megan Lynn Kott
  • Perfect for cat lovers or anyone who's absolutely sick of being asked when they're getting married and/or having kids
  • Not gender-specific - also good for dudes who aspire to be crazy cat ladies
  • Dimensions: 4.4 x 0.9 x 3.1 inches (standard deck)
  • Includes playing cards in a tin box

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