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Asteroids Mini Arcade Game - 1-Color Screen

Blast from the Past

  • Mini handheld version of the classic arcade cabinet
  • Authentic sounds, working mini joystick and fire buttons
  • No quarters required, just 2 AA batteries (included)


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Blast from the Past

Demand for Asteroids was so crazy high when it came out at the end of 1979: it quickly became Atari's best-selling arcade game of all time, Asteroids games were shipped out in other game cabinets just to keep up with the demand, and arcade operators had to install extra large boxes just to hold all the coins being dropped into the slots by players. Asteroids also holds the distinction of being the first game players figured out how to grind, by lurking and picking off flying saucers for 1000 points a piece, in order to rack up lives and play indefinitely on a single credit. There you go - for better or for worse, you have Asteroids to thank for camping in gaming!

Feel the demand for Asteroids once more with this pocket handheld version of the classic game. With a tiny screen of brilliant 1-color retro graphics, authentic sound effects, flashy cabinet graphics, and a joystick and fire buttons, the game plays just like you remember it. No need to put your coin up on the cabinet to call "next," cause you've got this cabinet all to yourself.

Product Specifications
  • Asteroids Mini Arcade Game - 1-Color Screen
  • Mini handheld version of the classic arcade cabinet
  • 1-color screen surrounded by retro cabinet graphics
  • Miniature working joystick and 2 fire buttons
  • On/Off button and sound control button
  • 2 small speakers play original game sounds
  • Batteries: 2x AA (included)
  • Dimensions: approximately 5 3/4" high x 4" wide x 2" deep
  • Ages 8+

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