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Star Wars Stormtrooper Stash Bag

This product is no longer available

Unfortunately we don't carry this item anymore, but check out some other awesome products that your fellow smart masses bought!

Indestructible Imperial Gear

  • Lightweight, super-durable Tyvek coin bag
  • Folds flat, expands up to 4 inches
  • Keep your Blaster Aiming Tips pocket guide in there

What does an Imperial Stormtrooper have to stash away? We can imagine that all sorts of things would be considered "contraband" in the Imperial Military. After virtually driving the Jedi into extinction, anything relating to the supernatural in any way was verboten. But you might also need to hide notes passed to your fellow Stormtrooper friends, especially ones that said "I think Lord Vader's head probably smells under that stinky helmet." Better find somewhere to hide that sort of thing, quick!

The smart Stormtrooper always has a stash bag on him to hide little bits of things. It folds flat for easy and discreet storage, but expands to hold a surprising amount of whatever you need it to. Sure, you can use it as a good old-fashioned coin purse, but it can also hold all sorts of small objects. Use it to corral your wayward cables inside a bag or backpack, so that tangled cords don't throw off your aim. It's made of lightweight, super-durable Tyvek® material that resists tearing, water, and stains... pretty much everything short of a lightsaber attack. Not that you need to worry about such things - the Jedi are extinct, right?

Product Specifications
  • Stormtrooper Pattern Stash Bag
  • Officially-licensed Star Wars merchandise
  • Small zippered bag for coins, cables, or other small doodads
  • Features a repeating print pattern of Stormtrooper helmets, Star Wars logo at the bottom
  • Made of super-durable Tyvek® material that resists tearing, water, and stains
  • Ultra-lightweight - weighs less than a credit card!
  • Top zipper to keep the bag closed
  • Dimensions: 4" high x 4" long x 4" wide
  • Weight: 0.1 oz

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